Thursday, August 5, 2021



Sarah Palin hints she may run for US Senate in Alaska against Lisa Murkowski -- 

'If God Wants Me To'

Sarah ... I spoke to God last night and he was VERY SPECIFIC.  He told me HE DOESN' T WANT YOU TO.  

First of all, you're divorced, and you know how God feels about that.  

Second of all, your daughter has three baby daddy's, is also married and divorced and, well ... you know how he feels about that too.

And lastly, according to Right Wing Watch, you made the following comments during a July 22 appearance with Che Ahn at a leadership conference cosponsored by Ahn's Harvest International Ministry and the Latino Coalition for Israel, you said:  "I would say you guys better be there for me this time, because a lot of people were not there for me last time," Palin said.

That sounds pretty Trumpy to me.

And last but not least, 


Let's compare.  

Lisa Murkowski's background:

Born:  Ketchikan, AK
Husband:  Verne Martell
Children:  Two sons, Nicolas and Matt
High School:  Monroe High School, Fairbanks, AK (1975)
University:  Economics Degree, Georgetown University (1980)
Post-Graduate:  Juris Doctor, Williamette College of Law (1985)
Career History:  Attorney, Private Commercial Law Practice in Alaska
Alaska State Legislature:  Alaska State Representative from 1999-2002
U.S. Senate:  Appointed in 2002, elected to a full six-year term in 2004, re-elected in 2010 in a historic write-in campaign, and re-elected for another six year term in 2016

Sarah Palin's background:

NAME:   Sarah Heath Palin.

AGE-BIRTH DATE-LOCATION:  44; born Feb. 11, 1964; Sandpoint, Idaho.

EXPERIENCE:  Alaska governor since December 2006; unsuccessful run for Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 2002; chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 2003-2004; served two terms as Wasilla mayor and two terms on city council.

EDUCATION:  Graduated University of Idaho, 1987, journalism.

FAMILY: Husband, Todd; five children.

BUSINESS:  Worked as sports reporter for two Anchorage television stations; owned with her husband a snowmobile, watercraft, ATV business from 1994-97. Husband is a North Slope oil field worker.

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So, I happen to work at a place where a lot of my co-workers are not vaccinated.  They wear their masks and they REFUSE to have their "RIGHTS" violated, believe all of this is a hoax and that the government is injecting us with poison that will alter our DNA and in one generation we will all grow tails, blah blah fuckin' blah.  

So we had our monthly Zoom meeting and The Big Cheese was trying to convey how important it is to get vaccinated (without stepping on anyone's toes) but you could just tell that if he could, he would have said ...


And then he answered a million "anonymous" questions from staff about the virus.  Are you going to make us get the shot?  What if I don't want to?  What about people who aren't vaccinated, can I tell them something? (sure, if you want to start WWIII), and ON AND ON AND ON.

Here's what's going to happen folks.  I GUARANTEE you that government is going to have to mandate that people get the vaccine.  Because if they don't, this thing will spread and mutate and spread and mutate until we have to ship off half of America to an island in the middle of the ocean.

And Trump started ALL OF IT.  

Right now, if he told the entire male population to castrate themselves ... THEY WOULD!  It is quite incredible.  All Trump would have to do is make a public announcement that he had the vaccine and he believes everyone should get it because he realizes, NOW, that it is the best thing to do and then all these Cretans would line up at CVS's, and clinics, and doctors offices in order to do just that.



  1. Sarah Plain needs to just sit back in her trailer, cook her meth, drink her Bud Lite and shut the fuck up. She was useless in 2008 and she's no better today.

    I think your co0workers worried about their altered DNA are too late.

  2. BOB - I think your co0workers worried about their altered DNA are too late. YOU can say that again! ugh.

  3. Glad I found your Blog, you're hilarious! As for your Covidiot Coworkers, well, that altered DNA Gene Pool they are part of is seriously damaged already, so what harm could any Vaccine possibly do to make it any worse? I do think the Virus is eliminating ReTrumplicans at an accelerated Natural Selection Rate tho', which is quite interesting that it was their beloved Lunatic Leader and his Minions that convinced them not to protect themselves... a very strange Political Strategy to say the least, killing off what Supporters you still have at an accelerated rate as they remain Devoted to you.