Wednesday, November 17, 2021


1.    If these rioters were brown and black ... THEY'D ALL BE DEAD RIGHT NOW.

2.  If Kyle Rittenhouse were brown or black HE'D BE DEAD RIGHT NOW.  

Yeah.  I said it.

Everyone who went to Kenosha, Wisconsin with a weapon was taking his life into his own hands.  You do not walk into a riot with an AR-15 style semiautomatic rifle and think you're going to be a hero.  Someone is going to get shot and/or die.  PERIOD.  And EVERYONE who was there were asking for trouble. 

I have seen comments on FB (which I do not respond to) who believe this little shit was a hero.  They've even posted the criminal records of the two men who were killed and the third who was injured because in someone's idiotic logic the "bad guy criminals" got what they deserved and Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.  

Uh ... excuse me, but ... didn't Kyle Rittenhouse go down there with a weapon too?  Or is that DIFFERENT?  

NEXT ...

The slovenly Steve Bannon mouthing off about how the blacks and the Mexicans are joining their movement.  In your F**King dreams Steve.  AS IF you'd even ALLOW blacks and Mexicans to participate in your stupid movement.


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  1. The rioters are all a bunch of pissy moaning whiny snowflakes who didn't get their way and took their guns and ignorance and white privilege to the Capitol.

    That Kenosha Murderer [I won't say his name] should be on his knees to his KKK Gods thanking his lucky starts he was born white in America because, yeah, shot dead.

    Steve Bannon looks drunk and syphilitic.