Thursday, August 8, 2019

El Paso and Ohio ...

Listen up all u liberal presidential candidates, putting blame on Trump for the shootings in Ohio and El Paso will not win u the presidential candidacy for the Democratic Party!! What arrogance! I am sick and tired of the blame game. Buck up or shut up!!

The above is the post of a friend of mine.  A relatively intelligent, God fearing person.  Which I don't understand it at all.  I have lots of friends who feel this way.  And they're decent people (at least I've always thought so), but I cannot understand it.  I cannot understand how a man like Trump, a liar, a cheat, an adulterer, a racist, and misogynist, a dangerous fool who fans the flames of hatred, gets a pass from these supposedly normal, decent people?  HOW CAN THAT BE?  

The comments that followed the above post were supportive, as follows: 

  •  Give them hell.

  • You tell em sista!!
  • There were 26 mass shootings during Obama's terms. Why was he never blamed for 1 of them?

I totally agree with you.

Preach it!!!!



There have been more mass shootings this year than we have had days this year. 26 mass shootings in 8 years is too many, but a far cry from what we are dealing with now. Trump fans the flames of the white supremacists and normalizes their activities. He is not the only problem, but he repeatedly pours gas on the fire. I'm not talking about the election, I am just talking about dealing with the violence in this country.

Here's the truth.  Donald Trump is a racist.  PERIOD.  If you can't see it, if you make excuses for him, if you are constantly spouting the "but what about Obama?" argument you have been hypnotized by FOX.  You MUST stop watching FOX News and branch out.  I watch both (and believe me, it's not easy for me to watch FOX) but in all honesty, FOX RARELY reports what the other stations are reporting.  For example, during the Mueller hearings FOX only showed commentary and clips of Mueller stumbling and commentary supporting the ideology of FOX news.  No footage of Mueller emphatically stating that Russia absolutely tampered in the election and "they're doing it as we sit here" and he also stated that the Trump campaign welcomed foreign interference in 2016.  None of that was covered on FOX.  

MSNBC and CNN are slanted to the left, yes.  BUT NOT LIKE FOX.  I saw Chris Wallace on FOX Sunday morning interviewing Mick Mulvaney and he actually called Mulvaney out on his lies!  Which was amazing!  And Shepherd Smith is one newscaster who is actually FAIR AND BALANCED.  The rest are merely shills for Trump and the GOP.  

And IF it is all fake news, then why is YOUR news the only source that is NOT fake?  And your only source is FOX.  And FOX is beyond fake.  They (in their words) are not news, they are an entertainment show.

Tucker Carlson says white supremacy is a hoax.  Tucker, there were three shootings in the last two weeks all conducted by right wing white supremacists!  You might want to do a little reading on the subject.  Like "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass" (whom Donald J. Trump thinks is still alive) or "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl" and get yourself some edumacation.  Yeah, I spelled it wrong on purpose.  White supremacy is not a hoax.  The Russian interference in our elections is not a hoax.  The only hoax is that orange thing sitting in the oval office.  HE is a hoax.  And you all know that if this were Obama we were talking about, you'd already have begun impeachment proceedings.  And just an FYI … remember when the entire GOP signed a pledge to block ANY AND EVERYTHING Obama tried to accomplish?  YEAH.  

Only time will tell what happens to Trump.  Probably nothing.  I don't know why I care so much.  I haven't written a lot about this because it's just me saying the same old things over and over again and nothing makes a difference because everyone is so confused, misinformed, and no one knows what the truth is and most are too lazy to read and find out.  READ THE MULLER REPORT.  Yeah, some of it is boring, but a lot of it is like reading a spy novel and in the first 20 pages I must have said WOW! fifteen times!  If you come away from that still thinking Trump is a great guy, well … then there really is no hope for you. 

I'm done.

Monday, July 8, 2019


What is it that makes powerful men pervs?  Or maybe I should ask, what is it about pervs that allows them to become rich and powerful and hide their dirty deeds for so long?  The disgust I feel towards this asshole above is beyond words, but the appalling behavior of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta who literally gave this monster a pass is beyond words.  

Many years ago I wrote a piece on this very subject -- men who are sexual predators and who are able to continue their crimes for years and YEARS rarely, if ever, getting the prison time they deserve because they have powerful friends.  What usually happens is that years will pass and people forget … so to refresh your memory of just a few of these assholes I'll repost because this shit has got to stop.  


Case in point ... DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN (the dickwad above) raped a hotel made in France.  He never did a second in jail.  According to the hotel maid, she said Strauss-Kahn jumped out of the bathroom stark naked and demanded oral sex and then proceeded to sexually assault her.  (FYI … A woman would never, EVER jump out of a hotel bathroom stark naked and demand a man perform oral sex on her). Powerful men of the world need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and own the fact that they are IDIOTS (a stupid person with the mental age of a three year old who just discovered his pee-pee).

DOUCHE AWARD NO. 1 GOES TO DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN. Front-runner for the Presidency of France and A RAPIST.


Arnold to Maid: "I know, why don't you and I make the nasty and I won't wear a rubber or use any kind of protection whatsoever because I am the Sperminator and my seed does what I tell it to do and we can do it right here in my house and nobody will ever find out because I have billions and billions of dollars that will buy the silence of my minions while I fuck around on my wife of 25 years and destroy the mental/spiritual and emotional health of my four children ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA."

Arnold, I have this funny little saying that I wish I could kill people for being assholes ... but only for ten minutes. In your case I'd make an exception. Instead of ten minutes just STAY DEAD. OK?


Congressman Anth
ony Weiner (D-NY), who took a picture of his wiener, but isn't sure if it was HIS WEINER or someone else's weiner because someone HACKED his phone and he can't say "with certitude" whether the weiner is his or not. But it doesn't look like his weiner because if the weiner is his, .... IT'S VERY SIMPLE MR. WEINER!!!! A SIMPLE YES OR NO will suffice. WE'LL EVEN TAKE A "NO COMMENT" ... (and just so you know ... if I took a picture of my weiner ... I'd remember. But that's just me). You see, most "regular" people don't do things like take pictures of their wieners and text them to someone ... by mistake. Only highly, intelligent and important people like you all, do crap like that. This is mainly because most "regular" people have this thing called a CONSCIOUS ... and a healthy dose of FEAR about getting caught doing disgusting things such as ... taking a picture of their weiner and then sending it into cyberspace ... you know, stuff like that. Asshole.


John Edwards indicted on charges that he accepted $925,000 (that's almost $1 million bucks) from two supporters to hide is pregnant baby mama during his 2008 campaign for the presidency while his wife of 30 years was dying of cancer. He pled "not guilty" and insisted that he "broke no laws". I don't even have words for this one except to say he is so fucken lucky that I don't run the world.

He insists that he will "forever regret his decisions and the harm he's ...


DOUCHE AWARD NO. 4 GOES TO BILL CLINTON.  (Also a friend of the rapist above, as well as Donald Trump)these types tend to run in packs.   

"I did not have sex with that woman ..." Liar, liar PANTS ON FUCKEN FIRE!!!!


That great American Newt Gingrich and his third wife Calista, who he married in the Catholic church after he asked his second wife for a divorce while having an affair with wife no. 3 but now he's a good Catholic and so sorry about all the fucked up things he did not wife no. 1 and wife no. 2 ...


Tuesday, May 28, 2019


SO, Scott Pelley said on CNN's Reliable Sources news magazine that he was fired from his job because he "wouldn't stop complaining to management" about a "hostile work environment" in the news division.  I know how he feels.

I also recently lost my job due to a hostile work environment where I was bullied and harassed by a narcissistic, vindictive office administrator and guess what?  After going through the proper channels, after confiding in a manager who encouraged me and told me that this manager's behavior was very disturbing, and after doing exactly what the employee handbook said to do, my office administrator wrote me up on a very punitive PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) which was four pages long and contained twenty-two bullet points.  It was clearly in retaliation for the harassment claim and was written in such a way that would make me either quit or if that did not happen, I knew would be fired.  

After going on a medical stress leave I was terminated, which is illegal, but apparently, not when you are a drone.  I have never EVER done anything like this before in forty years of working, but I literally had no choice.  It was either wait for the heart attack which was surely coming due to all the anxiety and stress I was under, or go on medical stress leave.  I chose the latter.  

There were other reasons for the stress leave.  Not only was I truly under stress, but my husband was waiting for the call to donate a kidney to our daughter.  It was all too much.  I couldn' sleep, I was worried ALL THE TIME and most importantly, I could not lose my job.  My husband was going to need me to take family leave in order to care for him.  Just so many things were coming at me at once.  Every day in the office was another day in Hell.  Anxiety and fear were the only emotions I had and it was exhausting.  This virus woman was on my ass every day.  I can't go into detail because it would take days and days to recount every incident of harassment and I don't have the will to relive it all over again.  Suffice it to say, it was HELL.

And I wasn't the only drone she was harassing.  Since I have been gone over six secretaries have also quit.  Her management skills became such an issue that she was actually removed from supervising the secretarial staff!  So it's not like the powers that be were unaware of problems with her management style.  Once they took her off the secretarial staff her new duties were to make sure there were enough napkins and forks in the kitchen (LOL), and her little minion, a gal whose previous experience was managing a Kinko's, is now the new office manager.  THIS is beyond stupid.  Managing a Kinko's is not the type of experience one needs to manage the secretarial staff in a BIG LAW FIRM.  PERIOD.  

So here's my real beef ... AT WILL EMPLOYMENT.  WRONG.  WRONG.  WRONG!  When you are hired you sign an arbitration agreement which means that you have just signed away your rights.  You will have no way of knowing that in a few months or a few years, for whatever reason your office administrator will begin harassing you and making your life a living hell.  Then you realize that all the speeches about "we do not tolerate harassment" is a bunch of bullshit.  THEY DO ALLOW HARASSMENT, THEY DO ALLOW BULLYING, AND THEY DO FIRE AT WILL, FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME.  And when you seek legal recourse to right this wrong, you will soon learn that that arbitration agreement you signed ex number of years ago is the reason you will never EVER get your case in front of a judge or a jury.  You have no recourse, no protections, no rights.  You are a drone.  Period.  End of story.  Work.  Shut-up.  NEVER complain even when you are witness to unlawful behavior because your job is AT WILL, which they will remind you of ad nauseum.

Here a few tell-tale signs of an abusive administrator.  And my advice to you when you see these behaviors is to just start looking for another job immediately.  You'll save yourself time and heartache.  

When the office administrator gossips about employees to other employees, you might have a problem. 

When the office administrator threatens, humiliates and undermines her staff, you might have a problem.  

When the office administrator is hated by EVERYONE in the office, you definitely have a problem.

And last but not least, when you're bleeding staff, you can be sure you definitely DO have a problem.

But it's corporate America and they run the world.  

The difference between myself and Scott Pelley is that:

(a)     He has a lot more money than I do;
(b)     He has a lot more contacts than I do; and
(c)     He has access to air time to talk about his grievances.

I don't have any of that.  I get to interview, test and look for another job at 62.  My husband, who is 65, cannot retire now because if he does I will not have medical insurance.  But I know you could care less about me or whether I have insurance or not.  

The thing about terminating an innocent person because YOU want to show THEM who has the power is that you do not see the wreckage you leave behind.  No idea.  That makes it easy to fire someone.  You never see them again and YOU WON.  Yay.  Good for you.  

But please know Spider Lady from Hell that EVERYONE in your office hates you, they are onto you, and you will be losing even more staff.  I know this because the drones that were left behind confide in me.  There is a whole coalition of people who hate you and want only for you to die.  Either that or they wish for a chronic and perpetual bout of explosive diarrhea.  

So dear readers, though it is quite embarrassing for me to tell you that I have lost my job you must believe me ... IT WASN'T ME.  IT WAS THE MANAGER.

I think I'll send this to her.

And this one as well.

Because the workplace has become such a battlefield with bad management and narcissistic bosses there is actually a large library of books like those above on this topic and is proof that management and horrible bosses need to re-evaluate their strategies.  A good boss will always bring out the best in an employee.  A bad boss will not.

So, onward and upward, and wish me luck.