Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Sarah Palin Slams ‘Evil, Sick’ Sacha Baron Cohen After Being Duped Into Interview

The former Fox News pundit and vice presidential candidate said the “Borat” creator’s team also made her miss her flight home.

Palin wrote, “I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick ‘humor’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen, enabled and sponsored by CBS/Showtime.  Well Sarah, perhaps if you weren't such a publicity whore you would not be so easily duped. 

I know you really want to remain relevant, but you haven't been relevant since ????  See, even I can't remember. 

Yet you blathered on and on in a "pretend interview" about God knows what and now you're mad because someone made a fool of you.  Perhaps you did not do your homework?  Perhaps you are too easily fooled?  After all, if Stuttering John can call the White House and talk directly to el Presidente himself about "policy" .... seems to me a lot of you GOP blow-hards are idiots. 

She went on to say:   

“The disrespect of our U.S. military and middle-class Americans via Cohen’s foreign commentaries under the guise of interview questions was perverse,” she added, before saying she was “purposefully” taken to the wrong airport after the interview and missed her flight home.

UH ... NO Sarah.  Don't even go there.  What pisses you off is that YOU were so easily tricked.  

Word to the wise ... go home and make sure all your girls are on birth control.  That would be a good idea because with the possibility of Kavanaugh getting onto the Supreme Court you may be looking at raising even more grandchildren born out of wedlock.  OH, and you should probably get your son into rehab.  He's got some real anger issues.  Wonder why? 

NEXT ...


HOWEVER, it's not the state visit Trump wanted or that Teresa May promised on her visit to Washington in 2017. There will be no carriage ride with the Queen, an honour bestowed on the likes of Vladimir Putin and George W Bush. No visit to Buckingham Palace or even a trip to May’s official 10 Downing Street London residence. And no photo ops in front of the numerous famous landmarks that dominate London.

Trump:  "NO CARRIAGE RIDE?!?!?!"



But most importantly, Trump will be meeting with his BFF Vladimir Putin, in PRIVATE, with NO ONE TO TAKE NOTES, ETC.  Is this even kosher? 

Monday, June 25, 2018


I’ve been mulling over all the insanity at the border. 

Sarah Huckabee Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant because she works for POTUS. 

Melania’s visit to Texas with a nasty message on her jacket (doesn’t she have a publicist?);

And all the other nonsense that is happening in the world we now live in, which literally depresses me no end.

So yeah.  They’re illegal.  I get it.  But they are also seeking ASYLUM.  Traveling through ungodly terrain and risking life and limb and possible death.  WHO would risk that?  Only someone who was desperate.  And only someone who has been desperate can understand these people.  If you’ve never been desperate or afraid, then yes … by all means, hold onto your judgement and recitations about “the law”.  As for myself, I will remain a human being with a caring heart. 

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ (Matthew 25:25-36).

Please note that the above scripture does not once mention the word "ILLEGAL" (especially important for those of you who take the scriptures literally). 

You can spin the above scripture any way you want.  But if you do, know that you are trifling with the words of Christ himself. 

NEXT .... Sarah Sanders

Now … despite my revulsion for this woman, I have to honestly say that if the restaurant had been mine, I probably would have served the lady.  You know why?  Because I just can’t be that way.  Plain and simple.  However, if Trump entered my restaurant I’d have no problem showing him the door.  In fact, I’d take immense pleasure from doing so. 

There still remains the reality of how one’s actions and words affect one’s treatment.  Karma you know. 

Dear Sarah:

         Come on.  Admit it.  It hurt didn’t it?  You felt humiliated didn’t you?  And maybe you felt your children didn’t deserve to be treated that way because of you?  And maybe once you got home it made you feel pissed off to be judged and treated so ugly for just being who you are and for who you work for. 

         So allow me to give you something to think about.  I know you consider yourself a Christian.  And I was thinking that maybe … just maybe …. God was giving you an opportunity to grow as a spiritual person by allowing you to feel just a little bit of the shame and fear those “illegals” feel.  And this might have been an opportunity that the Lord put before you in order for you to open your heart.  Walk in someone else’s shoes, if you will.  To teach you empathy and compassion in a REAL EXPERIENTIAL way.

Now, take that experience and allow it to open your heart.  Re-examine your conscience in an honest way.  In doing so, you could rise up to another level of spiritual maturity.  But it’s up to you to do so.  Or, you can stay stuck in your dogmatic, dualistic, right/wrong way of thinking and remain the judgmental, heartless, lying bitch you've proven to be to date.  Just a thought.

NEXT .... Melania

So Melania darlink, if you’re going to visit a place of such suffering why in the world would you wear a jacket with that message?  I know you wore it after your visit, but why didn’t you just turn around once you were the plane and flip everyone off?  Because that’s essentially what you did.  Are you too much of lady to extend your middle finger?  You figured the jacket would be subtler?  Did you not think it would not turn into a THING?  Whatever you meant by that jacket, it was wrong to wear it.  And you shouldn’t have gone to the border if your heart wasn’t in it.  We don't need your stinking fake empathy.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I work for a woman (actually she’s a monster, and my supervisor, but not my direct boss THANK GOD), and she ALWAYS HAS TO BE RIGHT.  ALWAYS.

She sent me an email today that was very unclear and confusing.  So, I got onto Jabber (which is her claim to fame and for which she is certain that she is going to receive a big fat promotion for coercing getting all the secretaries to utilize this STUPID FUNCTION when we already have EMAIL to communicate, but I digress.  Anyway … she TOTALLY sent me this email by MISTAKE.  You see, SHE, the one who is always right, made a MISTAKE.  A boo-boo.  A fuck up.

So in my conversation with her on Jabber, I asked her what it is she needs me to do specifically with regard to her email.  Her tone changes.  She said she didn’t send me an email.  I said, well, I got an email from you with regard to calendaring something. 

She:  Well, I didn’t send it to you.  I sent it to Mr. Big.

Me:  Well, I’m looking at it right now.    

She:  But I didn’t send you an email.  Are you on Mr. Big's calendar?

Me:  Yes I am.  But whatever.  I just wanted to clarify what, exactly you needed me to do, but if you don’t need me to do anything, then never mind.

She:  Wait a minute. I’m going to come over there right now to see what you're talking about.  (She is coming to my desk because she is certain that it is I, who has done something incorrectly).

She shows up at my desk, where she sees, with her own eyes, that YES, she has in fact, EMAILED ME.  She can’t understand how that happened????  "Well, I don't have time for this right now" she says "I have to go to a meeting."  Then she storms away.  No explanation, no excuse, no "ownership" .... (I DON'T THINK THIS RESPONSE IS IN THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK).

Apparently, she was not paying attention to detail (like she is constantly reminding me of not doing).   


Wednesday, June 6, 2018


An Evangelical University Is Helping Create A Movie About How Trump Was Chosen By God

The theory that Trump was appointed by God is not that uncommon within evangelical circles.

I saw this in Huffington Post.  At first I thought it was a joke.  It isn't. 

The Trump Prophecy tells the story of Mark Taylor, a retired firefighter from Orlando, Florida, who believes God told him in April 2011 that Trump would one day become president of the United States.  In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Taylor claims he was watching television around 2 am when Trump appeared on a news segment.  He said he then heard the voice of God telling him, "You're hearing the voice of a president." (Copied from Huffington Post).

I wonder what it is that makes Christians so certain that God is, in fact, speaking to them?  I've been a believer all my life and God has never spoken to me.  Not as a voice in my head, or a voice outside of my head.  He's answered some prayers and not answered others, but he has never spoken to me like he apparently speaks to all these Christians.  They (the Christians) would probably say that God has not spoken to me because I've never been "born again," or because I'm a Catholic and I worship at the pagan-whore-of-Babylon church.  I'm certain they could cite any number of scriptures as to why God would not speak to me. 

Here's what I think of them ... Y'ALL ARE FUCKING CRAZY. 

Now, here's a scenario I would like to put forth.  God did, in fact, speak to me only yesterday.  And you know what he told me?  He told me that Trump is the Antichrist and the last days are now being ushered in by an evil GOP.  He did.  He said just that.  Yesterday.  To me. 


YES the pilgrims came her for their religious freedom.  To worship without fear.  But consider this .... just as the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire, burned their writings, destroyed their temples and erased an entire history of a brilliant people who were burned alive for being heathens and not converting to Christianity, so did the early Americans rip and rob and lie to millions of native Americans who were ALREADY here, practicing their religion peacefully on their own continent before the REAL Christians arrived to set everyone straight and convert everyone to their religion:  Christianity.  This is what one might call an oxymoron.

NEXT ....

OK, first of all, look at the grin on his face.  So apparently, porn stars have the power to effect real change.  Due to the good works of Kim Kardashian, Alice Johnson, a woman serving a life sentence for drugs will be leaving prison due to Trump granting her clemency. 

In my previous post I suggested that Mr. Trump provide and pay for DNA tests for all incarcerated men who have been wrongfully convicted of rape or murder.  This would be a yuge act of human kindness (which I realize is something somewhat foreign to the Orange One), but if it would manifest love from the masses .... why not?

See, all it takes is a pair of tits to get something like this accomplished.  Too bad Kim Jung Un is a man.

So my feeling is this.  Good for Alice Johnson that she has received clemency.  However, you all know that this would NEVER have happened had the woman requesting clemency looked like me and had not been married to Yeezy.


Friday, June 1, 2018



So Trump has now pardoned this douchebag felon Dinesh D’Souza, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud.  SMH.  This is Trump’s fifth pardon.  And get this … HE’S AN IMMIGRANT.  Came here, committed a crime, and now he’s getting a pardon.  So much for all the Mexican rapists and drug dealers.  This is one immigrant I’d love to yell GO BACK TO YOUR OWN FUCKIN’ COUNTRY!

D'Souza admitted to donating tens of thousands of dollars to a U.S. Senate campaign, well above the individual contributions limit of $5,000, by funneling money to other people and donating in their names.  AND … he’s a Christian (but then, aren’t they all?) He also used to be president of a Christian college but resigned because he was engaged to one woman while still married to another.   Can you spell D-I-C-K?  He has made really juvenile and incendiary films about people he hates, like the Clintons.   My husband and I once snuck into “Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party” while waiting for the film we wanted to see.  Can I just say that it was SO STUPID we were laughing out loud.  I especially liked the scene of Hillary and Bill walking down a White House hallway giving each other hi-5’s and laughing at how they're screwing over the country.  There were only two other people in the theatre, an older white couple who looked like they’d both been sucking on a lemon.  If you want a good laugh, rent it, but I must warn you, you’ll feel like you need to do some math afterward. 

Trump also wants to pardon Martha Stewart (who he says used to be his biggest fan in the world and is his basis for pardoning people).  And then he wants to pardon Rod Blagojevich.  I wouldn't doubt that if Charles Manson were still alive he'd pardon him as well. 

So who besides me believes that this pardoning business is a message to those who dare speak against the Orange One? 

If you want to be a real hero how about releasing every wrongfully convicted felon who has been serving life.  That's a good idea.  Pay out of your own pocket of course because it wouldn’t mean anything if you didn’t, and have DNA tests performed on every inmate in the penal system.  You’ll be a big ass hero Mr. Trump.  People would REALLY LOVE you.  DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!

NEXT ....

The Samantha Bee business.  So here's how I feel about it.  If I were Samantha I wouldn't apologize until Trump apologized for every nasty, dirty, disgusting, racist, woman-hating comments he has made.  AND HE'D HAVE TO GROVEL.  Like on his hands and knees.  And then I'd take a baseball bat and ram it up his anal cavity.  Oh, excuse me .... did I offend you?  TOO BAD!

The one person responsible for all of this is Trump and his supporters and the spineless GOP who are too gutless to call him out. 

There are worse things he's said as you all know, but the energy involved to recall everything makes me homicidal.

There are really decent people in the world who see this man for what he is.  A deplorable loser.

NEXT ....

And Roseanne ... you equated an African American woman to an ape.  AN APE.  What is wrong with you!?  I guess for so long you've been able to say disgusting things under the umbrella of "art" or "comedy" but if that's how you feel, say it amongst other haters like yourself and do not publically tweet it to the entire fucking world!  I'm all for the First Amendment (read my blog and you'll figure that out fast), but to say such a thing is really, REALLY reprehensible.  If you can't figure out what is OK to say and what isn't ... you need some REAL help.  Now go back to your cave and eat a possum or something.  Leave the rest of us alone.

Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile

Nathan Larson also ran online forums for pedophiles and misogynists.

Like so many today who are tired of political correctness (eyes rolling), Larson proudly states:

“A lot of people are tired of political correctness and being constrained by it,” he said. “People prefer when there’s an outsider who doesn’t have anything to lose and is willing to say what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

He's running for public office.  An admitted pedophile!  This is what is happening in America! 

Why are these sickos coming out of the woodwork?

You know why ....

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A RANT ....


I've been away for a while because I felt it was better for me, but in light of the past week I just had to come back and vent. 

NUMBER ONE!  I hate this little girl.  She of bleached hair and post-rhinoplasty pontificating about illegal aliens which I am certain has never EVER met nor spoken to in her entire life.  Here is what our Princess of Panty Shields said:

“You don’t just come into this country with low skills, low education, not understanding the language and come into our country because someone says it makes them feel nice,” Lahren, 25, told Fox News host Jesse Watters on his show Watters World Saturday night. “That’s not what this country is based on.”
“These people need to understand that it’s a privilege to be an American and it’s a privilege that you work toward – its not a right,” she continued.

Tomi .... Here's WHY people from Central America and Mexico come here illegally.

No. 1:  It takes YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS to get here if you are from Mexico or Central America.

However, if you are Filipino, no problem.  For every 10 tourist or business visa applications filed with the United States embassy in Manila, about seven get approved?  “It’s a 70 percent approval rate, which is pretty good,” according to Consul General Michael R. Schimmel.

Doesn't seem fair, right?

We can tell people to wait their turn in line, but, for example, for a Mexican (or a Guatemalan) who does not have a college degree and has no close relatives who are U.S. citizens or green card-holders, there is almost certainly no line for them to wait in: without reform to the legal system, they will not be able to migrate “the legal way” to the U.S., not if they wait ten years, not if they wait fifty years, according to the current immigration process.

However, if you're super rich, you can come here on the EB-5 program which is designed for an investor who will invest $1 million, or $500,000 if the business is located within a Targeted Employment Area, and create 10+ full-time, permanent jobs.

So money and social status plays a big part in who gets into the U.S. and who does not.

Little girls like Tomi Lahren ought to do their homework before they start spouting off.  Life in America, FOR MANY, is not fair Tomi.  But YOU, of the blonde, caucasion persuasion who grew up in South Dakota where nary a black person or Mexican person reside, know not of what you speak.

My advice to you is:

1.  Go back to school and study the REAL history of America. 

2.  Actually meet, make friends with, and GET TO KNOW, people who do not look like you, or pray like you.  You really might be surprised to find out that a lot of those brown people are a lot more like you than you think. 

3.  Then, grow a heart.  Get a spiritual practice and PRACTICE IT.  Like, oh .... I don't know, .... that place in the bible where it says "do unto others?"  Yeah.  Like that. 

We'll wait.  Because it takes TIME to BECOME a whole person.  You're very young.  A twenty-five year old is still wet behind the ears on the scale of life-experience.  Why you're still drinking a bottle ... metaphorically speaking.  Also books.  Read lots and lots of books. 

Here are a few authors that might open your eyes.  Don't let some of these names scare you as I'm sure your friends on Fox News told you they're all socialists. 

1.  Noam Chomsky;

2.  Howard Zinn;

3.  Chris Hedges.

Then, if your head did not explode, you can move onto:

1.  Thomas Merton;

2.  Thomas Keating;

3.  Dorothy Day.

I promise.  They're not nearly as subversive as you've heard.

And last but not least .... Gloria Steinem.  I'd start with "Revolution from Within." 

Love & Kisses

Friday, February 16, 2018


So here’s the thing.  Until a crazed gunman shoots up Trump Tower, or the NRA’s headquarters, etc., et al. NOTHING will ever be done about gun control.  The NRA is just too powerful. 


The senseless death of little children, teenagers, college kids, worshipers at mosques/churches/synagogues and partiers at nightclubs or concerts are nothing more than collateral damage to this super powerful gun lobby.  I dont understand it.  No one with a heart or a mind that processes thoughts and is able to FEEL empathy can understand it either. 


There are whole bodies of people, organizations, political forces that lack this understanding.  Logical thought / emotional empathy.  It is how they are able to move about in the world and make the decisions they make and institute the laws that serve their bottom line.  MONEY.


It’s all been said before.  However, look at these faces …


Kids whose lives were ripped away from them.  All of the beautiful possibilities that will never be realized because they’re DEAD. They aren’t coming back.  EVER.  Their loved ones will never be the same.  There will always be an empty chair at dinner or special occasions.  There will always be the pain of “what if” … parents who will never see their son or daughter married, or be grandparents.  It’s all too heartbreaking to imagine. 


But thanks.  Your “thoughts and prayers” mean so much to us …


Does anyone else find this disturbing?

The NRA needs to own up.  And every politician who takes money from them need to own up.  You are all GUILTY of murder by association.  You can cite the second amendment until you’re blue in the face.  A gun does not fire itself.  And NO …. A good guy with a gun is not going to save an entire school from an insane guy with an AR-15. 


In watching some of the coverage I was really impressed with the students who spoke out against the NRA and the government’s lack of initiative in doing anything to prevent shootings like this.  And I do believe that this particular shooting is going to be the one that changes things.  Like the Harvey Weinstein scandal … a REAL movement is going to take place and citizens are going to demand action. 


So get ready GOP.  You’ve got a lot to answer for.  And the votes you don’t get will show you just how much.