Sunday, July 23, 2017


O.J. Simpson is the luckiest SOB on the Planet.  First, he gets away with double murder.  I don’t care that he wasn’t convicted.  We all know he killed his wife and Ron Goldman in cold blood because there was literally no other human being on Earth who had a motive other than him. 

After he beats the murder rap, he is shunned by his former white friends so he had to actually pal around with black people.  Think about that … he never gave his people the time of day when he was on top, but now that he’s down and out and is desperate for attention, he realizes that they are the only ones who support him so he has only used them to fulfill his narcissistic feed.  

He had a couple of road rage incidents, made a stupid rapping video, and pals around with a bunch of low-lifes.  He then decides to get “his stuff” back by breaking into a hotel room with guns a blazing.  They give him 33 years and he gets out in nine.  There isnt even a word for how wrong this is.  The only thing that could possibly trump O.J.s luck is Trump (forgive the pun) actually committing murder on TV and STILL not losing any supporters.  It could happen … because this is now the world we live in.   

O.J. will more than likely go back to his old ways of seeking attention anywhere and everywhere he can find it and I have no doubt that he will eventually get himself into trouble again because his EGO just can’t help itself. 

I can't help of think of Nicole.  She once said that he would kill her and get away with it because he was O.J. Simpson and she was right.  He snuffed out her life at 35 years old.  She would never watch her children grow up, succeed, marry.  She would never be a grandmother.  Her life was ripped out of existence by the father of her children.
And O.J. goes free.

I feel especially bad for the Goldman’s who once again have to deal with the fact that this murderer is in the world, living, laughing, and free while their son and brother Ron lies in his grave, having his life brutally taken from him when he was only 25 years old. 

And O.J. goes free. 

I also can't help but think about all the men who have been released from prison for serving life sentences for murder and rape … all freed because DNA evidence found that they were not, in fact, guilty of the crimes they were incarcerated for.  Some having spent 20 and 30 years of their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit.  O.J.'s DNA was ALL OVER THE CRIME SCENE. 

But O.J. goes free.

When I see what is happening in the world today my heart breaks for the old days.  When there really were heroes.  When baseball stars gave autographs to little boys who looked up to them without charging them $50 to do so.  When cheating at anything was considered cowardly and contemptible.  And there was this thing called SHAME that people felt when they did something really wrong and bad.  If an athlete took steroids, if a movie star did drugs or committed adultery, they’d be finished.  PERIOD. Now you can commit murder, get away with it and STILL HAVE FANS. 

Newscasters on television were respected and behaved with professionalism and manners.  They were serious.  We looked up to them.  We believed them.  Walter Cronkite there will never be another.  Nothing was right or left.  Liberal or Conservative … it was all just THE NEWS. 

And there was also a time when we didnt know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE.  We NEVER saw a actress naked, let alone having sex on a video.  The raciest thing an actress could do was bare her boobs in Playboy.  But never, EVER a shot with legs spread.  That would end a career in a heartbeat. We never knew which famous people hated other famous people like we do today.  Today everyone on the planet knows who Taylor Swift is mad at.  And this nonsense is considered important news.  What Justin Beiber said about so-and-so -- also big news?  Justin Beiber?  Hes just a little Snickers bar.  Yet he makes MILLIONS upon millions of dollars and has no discernible talent whatsoever other than being cute. 

The Kardashians will be remembered as the impetus that marked the change in popular culture which ushered in the acceptance and popularity of base behavior.  The uglier you are as a human being, the bigger your rewards financially. 

How did we get here? 

Our government is equally shameful.  Very few men of conscious there.  We have a president that has the intelligence and temperament of a toddler.  He surrounds himself with his family and sycophants while he utters unintelligible pabulum from the Oval Office and threatens to fire anybody and everybody who disagrees with him and NO ONE tells him he’s an asshole.  They have all sold their souls for what?  Power?  Money?  Influence? 

I don’t know how to end this post.  How to tie up all of my disappointment with a nice big bow and some words of encouragement.  We have become so mired in lies
and deceit that it has become the norm.  What we really need to do is learn how to
say ….

The Emperor is wearing no clothes folks.  The president is unfit.  Kim Kardashian is a whore.  BeyoncĂ© is not the only woman on earth to ever give birth to twins.  Christy Brinkley looks 25 because SHE'S RICH and can afford the work.  The police are paranoid and kill too much.  

Republicans believe that the answer to righting all of these wrongs is God.  What they don't understand that they are also called, BY GOD, to live by example.  And most of those people have no moral compass whatsoever.  Can't say the Democrats are any more moral or upstanding either.  

We need a revolution.  A revolution that will usher in consciousness in decision making.  Real advocacy for the people of America.  And shift from greed and power mongering to goodness and fairness.  But, this idea would probably be laughed at in the halls of government.

We shall see what O.J. does once he is actually out of prison. If he will court the press and seek out 24 hour attention.  Maybe he will quietly disappear (but I really doubt it).

The best words of hope I can offer to all us little people ....