Monday, December 5, 2016

A RANT ...

So …. due to unrestrained toxicity and hatred with regard to this insane election, I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account temporarily until sanity returns to the world.  I know that I have my opinions, but I don’t get personal or mean.  Well, I did.  But, only once.  It was an old friend of mine who kept lecturing me on abortion even though I was very clear with her that (a) I do not believe in abortion and that is why I took the pill my entire single life; (b) I emphasized that abortion is LEGAL; and (c) if you don’t believe in abortion, then don’t get one; and FINALLY (d) you cannot tell other people what to do.  So take a chill pill already.  

Then, I posted the above that stated how Trump is basically setting up his entire cabinet with a bunch of Wall Street CEOs and lobbyists which is exactly what he said he WOULDN’T DO.  I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of that and I immediately had eight million people pouncing on me and I just got so pissed off.  CAN’T I JUST STATE MY OPINION WITHOUT GETTING INTO A WAR? JEEZ. 

But, it is the nature of Facebook.  Hence, my break. So I’ll stick to my blog where it is relatively safe for me to spew my toxic liberal pinko commie opinions out into the blogosphere.  But you know what?  They’re not really pinko commie ideas.  They’re basic justice and fairness for all ideas (but to the right wing they are equivalent to being in league with Satan and wanting EVERYTHING FOR FREE).  My opinions are heresy and sin and I must be destroyed and sent directly to Hell, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

In the world of right wing politics and evangelical thought you have boxes that you must live within.  If you don’t live within those boxes, you’re going to Hell.  PERIOD.  END OF STORY.  GOD I CAN’T WAIT TO DIE and have all these fuckers see me in line, right IN FRONT of them at the Pearly Gates.  

I realize that if you don’t know me personally, my writing comes off as harsh and opinionated.  But I’m not really harsh and opinionated.  I have a heart for people and I cannot stand injustice or hypocrisy.  I CAN'T. 
The right wing evangelicals are always invoking Jesus and the Constitution but rarely consult their own hearts or their conscience.  They’ve got boundaries everywhere.  Rules that should never be broken, lines that should never be crossed.  It’s inhuman.  Life does not work like that.  So here’s a box for you … Say you’re born into a devout Mormon family (insert your religion of choice) and you’re gay.  What do you do?  The pain you must live with, the angst, the fear of losing your family if you come out.  Everything connected to this one horrible thing in your life is going to condemn you to Hell and you’re only 20!  That is being in a box that doesn’t conform to everyone else’s box.  HOW CAN ANYONE EXPECT TO LIVE WITH THAT?  It’s horrible.  

No compassion.  No identifying or putting yourself in their place.  No attempt to even try to feel for that person. 
And in all fairness, I do know some really good Christian people who really get the message.  Who have real hearts for God and their fellow man.  Maybe we don’t hear or see enough from them.  Because damn, if you're just going to go by the Christians on Facebook they're the most judgmental, hateful people on earth.  They will make excuses for their boy Trump even though deep down they have to know he is not an honorable man.  They are so willing to overlook all of his obvious character flaws and voted for him just because they hated Hillary.  THIS is what I don’t understand.  They’re the first to nail your ass to the cross, but the also the first to forgive THEIR OWN of EVERYTHING from grabbing pussies to molesting little boys.  H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y.  

In my experience, only suffering and misfortune can make a human being a human being.  It's the only way to learn empathy.  To relate with someone else’s pain, to connect with another human being because you have had your heart broken too.  THAT is what connects us.  Not allegiance to this flag or that church.  I think the evangelicals get it all wrong.  You don’t have to DO anything because God loves you already.  As a very wise man that I respect tremendously has written … You don’t get it by doing it right, You get it by doing it wrong.  (Fr. Richard Rohr).  

And Donald Trump is a child who is baited, as Hillary Clinton said, by a tweet.  HE IS.  That is not a lie, it is a fact.  He is an unscrupulous business man who knows how to cheat and steal with the protection of the U.S. Government.  And in his own words, that’s what makes him smart.  He can't keep his hands off his phone and at some point this guy is going to tweet something crazy and the next thing you know a missile is going to be headed our way or vice-versa.  Don’t laugh … it could happen.  There has been nothing but controversy since he became the president elect and he hasn’t even taken the oath yet.  

And this is what is causing all the hate on Facebook.  People who love Trump vs. the people who don’t.  Facebook gives average people a soapbox on which to pontificate but unfortunately, a lot of those people do not know what they’re talking about.  I don't make excuses for Bill Clinton's womanizing.  He's a man-whore.  He is. He's brilliant, but he lied to America when he said he did not have sex with that woman ... blah blah blah.  When he came clean, I was pissed!  He made a fool of me, defending him like an idiot.  This is why I don't understand how these so called Christians are so blind to who Trump is.  It's mind-boggling.

And then, if I'm going to be really honest with myself, I have to ask myself if am like the Trump lovers who hate the left?  I don't think so.  Because the difference is that if I see wrong, or hypocrisy, or lying, or cheating ... I call it what it is and I don't care if it's my candidate.  I'm not that blind.  Oh it's all so exhausting isn't it?  You care but you don't want to.  And If you don't care then you feel like you should. *sigh*

I've posted this video before but I think it deserves repeating because I love George Carlin and no truer words were ever spoken.  I think he is really right on in what he says in this monologue.  

If it doesn't download, go here:

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"

George Carlin -"Who Really Controls America"