Thursday, December 14, 2017


Well, well, well .... it seems Miss Omarosa has fallen off of her pedestal.  HALLELUJAH.  Omarosa is the female version of Trump.  A malignant narcissist who is entirely full of herself.  I once saw her on the Wendy Williams show and this broad demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the form of a curtsy before speaking like she's Queen Elizabeth. 

I guess after she took her entire tacky wedding party to the White House for photographs without permission, security, or going through any protocol whatsoever, the powers that be had had enough of her.

So bye Felicia!  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Trump Smears Kirsten Gillibrand As A ‘Flunky’ Who ‘Would Do Anything’ For Campaign Money

OK.  GOD ALMIGHTY …. This is our president tweeting this derogatory garbage.  When are people going to wake up and realize that he is out of his mind?  And I mean like no joke, the guy is certifiably crazy.  You cannot go around talking like this!  Sane, civil people do not behave this way.  It's not normal.
What does Trump have to do before anyone steps forward and removes him from office?  Does he literally have to start World War III?  Send a nuclear warhead to North Korea?  He is unfit and no one is doing anything!  It seems we're getting closer and closer to becoming like North Korea where anything the Dear Leader says is taken as gospel. 

It’s not only his tweets, it’s everything he says and does.  He has decimated, or tried to decimate everything Obama did:  healthcare, climate change, protections for our national parks, the Dreamers status, etc., et al.  There are NINETEEN women, as we speak, who have been sexually assaulted by this president and I don’t give a FUCK if there is no proof!!!!  All you have to do is watch the Access Hollywood tape to realize he is a sexual predator.  Nineteen women is enough for me to say this man has to be investigated!  What has happened to this freaking country?!  What has happened to the GOP?  They have seriously lost their way in the name of party, party, party over human beings.
Al Franken, senator to the people, fell on his sword and sacrificed his career in the senate because he was betrayed by his party and was set up and crucified by the GOP and yet Trump, who we have heard on tape speaking deplorably about women, still sits in the White House, and then he endorses his buddy Roy Moore, a pervert like himself.  I wonder if Republicans would feel as protective of Roy Moore if he were a Democrat?  My guess?  They'd be nailing him to the cross as we speak. 



I’m sixty years old.  I know what I know, and I know that Donald J. Trump is a mentally ill con artist who managed to win the presidency by kowtowing to certain people’s prejudices and fears.  PERIOD.  And if you feel differently than I do, then you’re crazy too.  How can ANYONE not see that this man is a danger to our country?  He is a child, a bully, a maniac.  There are not enough derogatory words that I can come up with to fully describe how I feel about him.  But I can tell you …. If something is not done SOON, something terrible is going to happen. 

Mr. Mueller, please finish your work as soon as possible.  Let’s deal with these impostors and charlatans who are infecting our precious White House with their filth and rid ourselves of every last one of them.  America needs to rethink it's entire identity.  WE need a DO OVER.  WE need honest men and women who will serve our country with honor and dignity and honesty.  There are millions of people in this country who depend on the decisions you make.  How about making decisions that make life better.  REALLY MAKE LIFE BETTER.  WE have so much money.  So much power. 

And unfortunately, we have a carnival barker for a president who has made us a laughing stock across the world.  World leaders do not what to make of him either.  Is he serious?  Is he nuts?  Is he trustworthy?  He switches his opinions and decisions from day to day like his underwear.

The man is mad.  And the sooner those who refuse to believe it OPEN THEIR EYES and see that he is a dangerous, mentally ill man who is in the most powerful position in the world, the better off we'll be.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Well ... it happened. Al Franken just resigned.  This is a sad day.  I think he was a fantastic senator who fought for the middle class and now he's resigned and we've lost a truly great advocate.  I am heartbroken.  And though I am personally not offended by the above picture (mainly because the photographer stated that it was staged, Franken's hands aren't touching her ... they're hovering over her, and Leeann Tweeden was in on the gag) the fact still remains that more women came forward and Franken was given no choice.  (Can't wait to see how Trump fares when all of his accusers resurface).  Still, it is so hard to see this happen to someone I liked and respected.  

We need to remember that at the time this photo was taken Al Franken was a comedian and not a senator, and Leeann Tweeden was not a 14 year old girl, but a grown woman.  I also have to say that I do have my suspicions with regard to the GOP putting this out there to make him look bad.  It's possible.  Let's not forget the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Granted, Bill was most definitely a sexual predator, but WHO, and I mean WHO keeps a dress with semen on it?  No woman I know. 
Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of grabbing her and kissing her.  First of all, Ms. Tweeden is a regular on Fox News, is a birther and a Trump supporter.  So that right there makes her claims somewhat suspicious. 

According to Leeann, she stated that Al Franken insisted on putting a kiss in the sketch they were rehearsing for their USO show.  She says she finally relented, but she easily could have said "No.  I'm not doing it."  But she did.  She okayed the kiss. 

Bottom line .... I do not see her as a victim. 

Here we have Leeann on stage grabbing the guitar player's butt.  But I guess that's different.
And I don’t want to victim shame, I really don't ... but I kind of have to ….

Leeann, how do you expect the public to take you seriously when you pose like this: 

And for good measure, here's one photo of her in her "serious" glasses ...  doesn't she look smart?

She really is pretty huh.

Leann ...
Rule No. 1:  If you want to be taken seriously, wear clothing. 

Now before you all attack me for “victim shaming,” let me explain my position.  This lady feels perfectly OK posing in skimpy costumes and showing her tits.  That’s her prerogative.  But it's also my prerogative to have zero respect for her. 

Women have worked too hard, for too long and have taken too much abuse to have a woman like Leeann Tweeden continue to sell herself as sexual object and then have the nerve to cry sexual harassment.  By allowing herself to be photographed in these provocative poses she reduces herself to a pair of tits and ass (pardon my crude language) and turns the clock back fifty years.  Women who continue to use their sexuality and put themselves out there in this blatantly sexual way is a slap in the face to all the truly courageous women who struggled and fought to advance a woman's place in the workplace and society at large, and that struggle took DECADES to accomplish.  So when a female allows herself to be objectified it not only infuriates me, it makes me sad. 

Don't you see?  YOU'RE WORTH MORE THAN THAT!  And instead of empowering yourself, you actually give your power away.  Now no one will see you for who you are ... you will only be seen as a face and a body.  So don't kid yourself ... because in objectifying yourself you have sold yourself out. 

So, let's not get it twisted.  Leeann Tweeden is NOT a victim.

The 14-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted in a car with a 32-year-old Roy Moore is a VICTIM.  The woman Trump grabbed under her skirt, is a VICTIM.  The women who were raped and sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, they are VICTIMS.  Not Leeann Tweeden.

We all have a story. Every woman who has ever existed has a story.  And what we don't need is to go back in time.  Women have lived with sexual harassment for so long that we became accustomed to it.  A hand on your ass, a suggestive comment.  "Hey Debbie ... can you make love with those contacts in your eyes?"  Wink Wink.  Throughout history women have dealt with this issue all alone.  We let the pinch on the ass go because, after all it wasn't rape was it?  THIS was the attitude.  NOTHING was ever done to the perpetrator because the man was god and it was your fault because you have the breasts. 

Now we have a chance, a REAL chance to make real changes as to how women are treated in the workplace and in society.  Leeann Tweeden took a situation and manipulated it to serve her and the agenda of the GOP.  This is not helping to advance women when she chooses to pose naked.  Granted, she has the right to present herself in any way she chooses, however, she has to realize that in doing so she hurts other women who are trying to make it in the world based on their intellects and their talents, not their faces or body parts.  This is a very real problem.  Because in allowing yourself to be objectified you are also sanctioning the sexist response of men who continue to treat you like a sexual object.

I hesitated posting this.  I feared catching a lot of hate and being accused of slut shaming.  But I had to post it because I am so passionate about this subject and the differentiation between women who advance the fight and women who do not.  There are so many levels of harassment, and it's all bad.  What Roy Moore did is a crime.  He assaulted TEENAGERS when he was a grown man in his 30's.  And it was an open secret to many in his hometown that he had a penchant for young girls.  When mall security has to speak to you and tell you to stop trolling the mall for young girls you've got a serious problem.  Donald Trump on the other hand, ... well, all you have to do is Google the Access Hollywood tape to remind yourself of his attitude towards women, and yet he is sitting in the Oval Office.  A sexual predator is president of the United States.  If this hypocrisy doesn't elicit a visceral reaction, you're dead.

So I ask Leanne Tweeden ... how do you feel now? 

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Not only has work been very stressful and causing me tons of anxiety, but Trump just basically fucks up my life.  I live in a constant state of malaise.  

Danny woke me up at 5 am to tell me about the shooting in Las Vegas and I literally felt all the energy seeping out of my body.  Of course I couldn't go back to sleep after that and when I finally did get out of bed and turn on the news, there it was ... MASSIVE SHOOTING IN LAS VEGAS.  I actually know someone who was there.  My cousin and his daughter.  A marine literally threw himself on top of them and saved their lives. 

But it messed with my head.  Fifty-nine people died because they went to a concert.  AND STILL the Republicans refuse to talk about gun control.  WHAT IS IT that makes them so fucking stubborn and obstinate?!  Perhaps its because the NRA gives them buhzillions of dollars to look the other way?  You can't tell me that these men do not have the intelligence to KNOW that gun control is a serious SERIOUS issue and that if automatic weapons were banned these types of crimes might not happen?  But then again, mind reading is not an option and we cannot foretell who is going to lose their mind and purchase an arsenal to kill as many people as possible.  After all, the Las Vegas shooter was a RICH, middle aged, white guy.  Not a Muslim.  Not an illegal alien from south of the border, but a rich, white guy.  SMH.  Are we soon going to be relegated to staying indoors 24/7? 

Then we have the Orange One pontificating about what a great job he's done in Puerto Rico when we all know he's done NOTHING for Puerto Rico and those people have been living without electricity, water, and food since September 26!  Oh, I forgot.  He did throw some paper towels around, but that's about it.  And by the way, does Melania Trump EVER speak?  She's like a freaking statue.  

Then Tillerson calls Trump a moron (which he is) and then he walks it back and says something about how he respects the president, but he's still a moron and
the President publicly dismissed the report as "fake news" and "totally made up."  The President said he had "total confidence" in Tillerson.  SO WHICH IS IT?!  DID HE SAY HE WAS A MORON OR NOT?!  IS TRUMP PISSED OFF ABOUT IT OR NOT?!  This is the shit the American people have to deal with.  Every.  Day.
Related image 

Those of you under 50 will never know that there was once a time when people had integrity, were serious and truthful.  A time when a "Donald Trump" would NEVER get even close to being president.  When a Donald Trump would be laughed out of the room.  It's tragic what this country has become.  Deeply tragic.

We also now know that Facebook was hacked by tons of Russian spies or operatives, or whatever, by placing fake profiles and spouting political rhetoric to piss people off and get all of us to fight on Facebook.  It worked.  We are being manipulated by Russians and American politicians.  Is it all part of a sinister plan to get us so confused and frustrated that the entire country just stops paying attention?  Could be.  Nothing would surprise me at this point. 

Do any of you feel like me?  Anxious all the time?  Sad?  Unsure about the future?  Powerless?  Isn't incredible that ONE MAN is capable of affecting the lives of so many?  Ruining our peace of mind?  

Only time will tell .... unfortunately this story isn't over.  It could get worse before it gets worse.  *sigh*

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


my two cents ...

As an American I can sit, stand, salute the flag, or do nothing if I choose to.  This is a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution.  When I was in high school I had a science teacher I really liked, who would never say “under God” when we recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  And it didn’t turn into a thing.  He obviously didn’t believe in God, or had an issue with God, I don’t know, but he would never utter those words.  At the time I thought it was interesting and I wondered why he wouldn’t say “under God,” but I didn’t write the school district and try and get him fired. 

I think there is a huge misunderstanding about why these athletes are doing what they are doing.  I tend to believe they love America, the Constitution and the flag as much as the next person.  But I also know, that they know personally, how the Constitution has failed them by doling out justice to some, and not to others. 

For those who have never experienced prejudice, and can't find it in their hearts to put themselves in the place of their neighbor, it will be very difficult for you to understand and support the black players in this non-violent protest.  In the 1970's when I first started working I experienced my share of prejudice.  Nothing violent, or outright mean, just a subtle “you’re not as good as I am” attitude.  Again, subtle, but there.  And I knew that to my white superiors, I was just the little Mexican girl who ran to the corner to buy them a pack of cigarettes when they ran out.  And that even though it was not in my "job description," I knew that it was my job to get my boss's lunch every day.  They were shocked when I told them I couldn't speak Spanish, and they were equally surprised to learn that my parents and grandparents were all born in the U.S.A.  This was MY experience. And if it wasn’t YOUR experience, that does not mean that you can invalidate mine. 

I don’t say this to be combative or contrary.  I say it because it WAS my experience.  I remember how it made me feel.  It made me feel less than.  It made me feel disrespected, and ashamed that I felt ashamed.  Basically, they took my dignity away.   

My dad was raised in Texas in the 1930’s.  Growing up in Texas he never had his own drinking fountain.  He couldn’t go to the movies on certain days, and if they did go to the movies they could never sit in the middle of the theater, they could only sit on the sides or the balcony.  Restaurants, please.  Bathrooms?  Same thing.  Black & Mexican/White Only.  Police were brutal.  My dad once told me a story ... he and his friend were walking through a roped off area at a rodeo and big police officer kicked his friend in the behind knocking him down.  He got up and kept on walking, or more like hobbling, on his way.  They were in elementary school .... children, but they were brown children. 

I once asked my dad where he was when World War II ended.  He told me he was in jail.  I was shocked.  “JAIL?!”  Then he told me the story.  Apparently, being poor in the 1940’s my dad wasn’t able to buy a bicycle so he made one out of parts that he found here and there.  Two weeks before the end of World War II a cop asked him where he got his bike.  My dad told him “I made it.”  The cop, who was obviously a dick, arrested him and took him to jail and charged him with grand larceny.  He was locked up for two weeks before they were able to get him out.  He was 15. 

Grand Larceny

n. the crime of theft of another's property (including money) over a certain value (for example, $500), as distinguished from petty (or petit) larceny in which the value is below the grand larceny limit. Some states only recognize the crime of larceny, but draw the line between a felony (punishable by state prison time) and a misdemeanor (local jail and/or fine) based on the amount of the loot.

If it is not possible for you to admit that black and Hispanic men are shot and killed on level that is beyond shocking here in America, and that the police almost always walk away without ever being prosecuted, then you have eyes that do not see.  This is a colossal injustice that personally, makes me find your outrage pathetic.  If it offends you that a person choses to kneel in silent protest instead of standing during the national anthem, you must realize that that person has his reasons for doing so, even if you can't understand it.  It is HIS right to do so.  After all, when was the last time anyone hung one of your relatives from a tree?  Or shot one of your relatives dead in the street like an animal?   

If it offends Trump that these athletes do not stand, I say that it offends me that Trump, in my opinion, is an idiot.  And a coward.  And I can say that out loud if I want to.  If this were Russia or some other country run by a psychotic dictator, I’d be arrested or shot. 

If Trump believes owners should fire players who do not stand for the national anthem, I ask you, what should we do to men like Trump?  Men who did not serve their country during a time of war (declared or undeclared), by filing deferment after deferment?  Or, those men who faked mental illness by living in their own excrement in order to avoid the draft like Ted Nugent?  I find this more heinous, more hypocritical and more cowardly than a man silently kneeling in protest.  Can we then say, let’s arrest Trump for his cowardice.  Let's arrest him for sitting back while letting other young men walk into war to risk their lives in his place while he remained at home, safe and pampered in his rich little world.  Or, maybe it should it be a requirement that if one wants to be president, that that individual must have served his country during a time of war and, that multiple deferments, or faked insanity should be punishable by law.  I say yes. 

Trump then has the audacity to call John McCain a loser for being captured!!  John McCain, a MAN of unquestionable courage, who SUFFERED for this country FOR YEARS in the Hanoi Hilton for the beliefs he held true.  Honor and love of country.  How do you compare a man like McCain to a man (and I use that term loosely) like Trump?  You can’t.  They are universes and galaxies apart.

All religious beliefs and philosophies tell us how to empathize with our neighbor.  To put yourself in his place.  Use the heart and mind.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  And in the words of my wise grandmother, Nana Tonia ... "cada cabeza es un mundo" which means, each person is a universe unto themselves.  We are all complicated creatures.  The best we can do is TRY to understand one another. 

So that's it.  My two cents.  I only hope that come 2020 we are able to find a man or woman of conscience to become our next president, because the guy we have now is going to be the death of me.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Look at this moron looking at the eclipse WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GLASSES.  JEEZE what a tool!  

So I'm watching this douche-bag in Arizona speaking to a crowd of "billions," misquoting himself regarding his statements after Charlottesville to a group of his crazy supporters (with one paid black guy in the crowd) ... and he is blatantly LYING about what he said!  But once again, his supporters wouldn't care if he raped a baby on camera because they'd still support him.  

I would love to see him sit down one-on-one with someone of substance who would ask him the hard questions and MAKE HIM ANSWER THEM.  He doesn't do this because he is AFRAID.  Actually, I take that back.  He is too stupid to be afraid.  He believes he is the smartest guy in the room but he cannot go toe-to-toe with a real intellect, especially without his peeps there to cheer him on. 

I cannot believe this ASSHOLE.  I am trying so hard to keep away from curse words but all this guy does is have "rallies" so people can clap and cheer for him!  How can his supporters not see it?!  He is going over every thing he said, IN ORDER, and how the lying media didn't report it correctly AS HE LIES ABOUT IT.

People, GOOGLE Trump's tweets on Charlottesville.  They're all there.

He also just stated that he is going to pardon Joe Arpaio, that Nazi from Arizona who was voted out of office because of his racial profiling and other crimes. 

Now he's talking about the wall.   


(1)      There is already a wall;

(2)      The NEW/BETTER/CLEAR wall you're planning to build is going to be paid for by us, the U.S. taxpayers.  Not Mexico.  Not you.

The depth of my disdain for this man knows no bounds.  I am praying that Mueller completes his investigation soon and we can all learn what is what with regard to Trump and his business dealings and unpaid federal taxes and his business with Russia.  Because there IS something there.  This investigation would not be taking place if there wasn't.  

So keep having your pep rallies Mr. Trump.  I really believe your days are numbered.  Your party has turned against you.  Mr. "Antichrist" Bannon is out and it seems you are all on your own.  Jared and Ivanka can't save you.  No one can. 


Friday, August 11, 2017


(... two dicks walk into a bar)

So, (notice how I ALWAYS start my posts with "so" LOL) ...

SO, with the world on the brink of doom because two psychopaths need to prove who has the bigger dick, I've been reevaluating my life and the meaning of existence.  What is life?  As my husband would say ... "life is an adventure" ... as I would say:  "life is suffering".  I don't mean to sound maudlin or negative, but I do believe that life IS suffering.  Suffering is how we grow as individuals, as human beings and as spiritual creatures. 

As anyone can tell just by looking at our president, a man who has CLEARLY never suffered, he is an individual who has not grown in his humanity, spiritually, or evolved as a compassionate human being.  And it's safe to say we can say the same for Kim Jong Un.  (Can I just say that every time I see that jerk I have an uncontrollable urge to give him a massive wedgie.)  And yet, as the pudgy little dork he is, he is the head of a country who believes he freaking descended from Heaven.  And, not surprisingly, Mr. Donald thinks the same thing of himself. 

Everyone in government who matters here in the U.S. is commenting that either (a) there's nothing to worry about; or (b) Trump is insane and needs to be removed from office.  Somewhere in the middle is the truth.  Knowing that the government knows a hell of a lot more than it is going to tell us, the people, I think there is plenty to be afraid of.  

Die hard Trump supporters are probably itching to set off thermo-nuclear war.  A "WE'LL SHOW THEM!" attitude.  Although, if you were living in Guam I don't think you'd be so gung-ho.  Trump has no grasp on reality.  Doesn't realize that engaging with a crazy man will not end well and his freaking inane tweets have instigated all of this.  Kim Jong Un is crazy and God forbid he sends missiles to Guam because if he does, it's basically over.  Trump is so crazy he'd probably respond by dropping the hydrogen bomb on North Korea.  No matter how you look at it, it is not good and could turn out catastrophic in ways we can't even imagine. 

So back to my question about LIFE.  Suffering is good for the soul.  It allows us to look inward, evaluate ourselves.  Make things right if need be.  Teaches us to forgive ourselves and others.  Even though, sometimes it is really difficult to maintain those lessons learned.  This is where the average Joe has so much more going for him than a Donald Trump or a Kim Jong Un.  But unfortunately, assholes run the world.  Maybe it does need to get blown up so that those cowardly pricks either vaporize or hide in caves until they die because most of them a cowards anyway.  Then the good and decent people can run things with humanity and love. 

So send your love out into the Universe people, lots and lots of love ...
some may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one ...


Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today
Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace, you
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world, you
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Sunday, July 23, 2017


O.J. Simpson is the luckiest SOB on the Planet.  First, he gets away with double murder.  I don’t care that he wasn’t convicted.  We all know he killed his wife and Ron Goldman in cold blood because there was literally no other human being on Earth who had a motive other than him. 

After he beats the murder rap, he is shunned by his former white friends so he had to actually pal around with black people.  Think about that … he never gave his people the time of day when he was on top, but now that he’s down and out and is desperate for attention, he realizes that they are the only ones who support him so he has only used them to fulfill his narcissistic feed.  

He had a couple of road rage incidents, made a stupid rapping video, and pals around with a bunch of low-lifes.  He then decides to get “his stuff” back by breaking into a hotel room with guns a blazing.  They give him 33 years and he gets out in nine.  There isnt even a word for how wrong this is.  The only thing that could possibly trump O.J.s luck is Trump (forgive the pun) actually committing murder on TV and STILL not losing any supporters.  It could happen … because this is now the world we live in.   

O.J. will more than likely go back to his old ways of seeking attention anywhere and everywhere he can find it and I have no doubt that he will eventually get himself into trouble again because his EGO just can’t help itself. 

I can't help of think of Nicole.  She once said that he would kill her and get away with it because he was O.J. Simpson and she was right.  He snuffed out her life at 35 years old.  She would never watch her children grow up, succeed, marry.  She would never be a grandmother.  Her life was ripped out of existence by the father of her children.
And O.J. goes free.

I feel especially bad for the Goldman’s who once again have to deal with the fact that this murderer is in the world, living, laughing, and free while their son and brother Ron lies in his grave, having his life brutally taken from him when he was only 25 years old. 

And O.J. goes free. 

I also can't help but think about all the men who have been released from prison for serving life sentences for murder and rape … all freed because DNA evidence found that they were not, in fact, guilty of the crimes they were incarcerated for.  Some having spent 20 and 30 years of their lives behind bars for crimes they did not commit.  O.J.'s DNA was ALL OVER THE CRIME SCENE. 

But O.J. goes free.

When I see what is happening in the world today my heart breaks for the old days.  When there really were heroes.  When baseball stars gave autographs to little boys who looked up to them without charging them $50 to do so.  When cheating at anything was considered cowardly and contemptible.  And there was this thing called SHAME that people felt when they did something really wrong and bad.  If an athlete took steroids, if a movie star did drugs or committed adultery, they’d be finished.  PERIOD. Now you can commit murder, get away with it and STILL HAVE FANS. 

Newscasters on television were respected and behaved with professionalism and manners.  They were serious.  We looked up to them.  We believed them.  Walter Cronkite there will never be another.  Nothing was right or left.  Liberal or Conservative … it was all just THE NEWS. 

And there was also a time when we didnt know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE.  We NEVER saw a actress naked, let alone having sex on a video.  The raciest thing an actress could do was bare her boobs in Playboy.  But never, EVER a shot with legs spread.  That would end a career in a heartbeat. We never knew which famous people hated other famous people like we do today.  Today everyone on the planet knows who Taylor Swift is mad at.  And this nonsense is considered important news.  What Justin Beiber said about so-and-so -- also big news?  Justin Beiber?  Hes just a little Snickers bar.  Yet he makes MILLIONS upon millions of dollars and has no discernible talent whatsoever other than being cute. 

The Kardashians will be remembered as the impetus that marked the change in popular culture which ushered in the acceptance and popularity of base behavior.  The uglier you are as a human being, the bigger your rewards financially. 

How did we get here? 

Our government is equally shameful.  Very few men of conscious there.  We have a president that has the intelligence and temperament of a toddler.  He surrounds himself with his family and sycophants while he utters unintelligible pabulum from the Oval Office and threatens to fire anybody and everybody who disagrees with him and NO ONE tells him he’s an asshole.  They have all sold their souls for what?  Power?  Money?  Influence? 

I don’t know how to end this post.  How to tie up all of my disappointment with a nice big bow and some words of encouragement.  We have become so mired in lies
and deceit that it has become the norm.  What we really need to do is learn how to
say ….

The Emperor is wearing no clothes folks.  The president is unfit.  Kim Kardashian is a whore.  BeyoncĂ© is not the only woman on earth to ever give birth to twins.  Christy Brinkley looks 25 because SHE'S RICH and can afford the work.  The police are paranoid and kill too much.  

Republicans believe that the answer to righting all of these wrongs is God.  What they don't understand that they are also called, BY GOD, to live by example.  And most of those people have no moral compass whatsoever.  Can't say the Democrats are any more moral or upstanding either.  

We need a revolution.  A revolution that will usher in consciousness in decision making.  Real advocacy for the people of America.  And shift from greed and power mongering to goodness and fairness.  But, this idea would probably be laughed at in the halls of government.

We shall see what O.J. does once he is actually out of prison. If he will court the press and seek out 24 hour attention.  Maybe he will quietly disappear (but I really doubt it).

The best words of hope I can offer to all us little people ....


Wednesday, April 19, 2017



As you all know, I LOVE it when hypocritical assholes fall on their faces.  Ive always thought Bill OReilly was an arrogant S.O.B.  I couldnt stand that permanent sneer on his mug, always condescending and pontificating his ridiculous viewpoints on his Fox soapbox.  Well Bill, the WOMEN have spoken and youre OUT!  You can join Roger Ailes and all the other “pussy” grabbing pervs , wherever pussy grabbing pervs go after they’ve been ousted from their lofty positions on FOX News. 
Can it really be that in 2017 WOMEN are finally being taken seriously when it comes to sexual harassment complaints in the workplace?  Lets pause for a minute shall we and see how this all came about.  If Gretchen Carlson had not sued Roger Ailes, none of this would be happening now.  Gretchen was a BIG MUCKY MUCK over at Fox and so was Roger Ailes.  She must have had some SERIOUS proof to substantiate her complaints because Fox cut that fat fuck loose in order to avoid public humiliation and damage to Fox News's reputation.  Sadly, had Gretchen Carlson been Susie the Receptionist, this more than likely would not have happened.  So there is proof that you must be someone "important" before receiving justice.  Hopefully, this too, will change.

Now that O’Reilly is out, another woman over at Fox, an administrative assistant, someone who is not an "important VIP," has also come forward with her own allegations.  See people … where there’s smoke, there's usually fire, and let’s not forget that Fox has already paid out approximately $13 million to several other women on the down low ... so a big hand to Gretchen Carlson for opening the door to exposing bad behavior and FINALLY allowing women to be taken seriously. 

Do you know how many times I could have sued any one of my bosses for sexual harassment over the years?  Lets just say if I had, I wouldnt be working today because ID BE RICH.  One of my earliest memories occurred when I was probably 21.  My boss, the owner of an ad agency bumped me on my backside when he opened a door to come into a space where I was.  He told me “wow … a few more inches that doorknob would have given you the thrill of your life.”  I was mortified.  Another time when I was in his office taking dictation, my contact lenses were bothering me and he asked me if “I could make love with those things in my eyes” … WHAT DO YOU SAY TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?  You know how his comments made me feel?  They made ME feel dirty.  He just got off on this crap.  He could have put his hands on me if hed wanted to and Id have had no recourse whatsoever.  He was a gross pig who made me very uncomfortable and he was an older man who was married with two little kids.  I finally left that place and went to work at a big fancy law firm.  It happened there too.  An attorney who I had lunch with ONCE, never dated him, never had any physical contact with him EVER decided that ONE lunch constituted permission to grab my ass in front of three co-workers.  

It went down like this ... as I was speaking to the receptionist with two other secretaries in the firm lobby this asshole got off the elevator and copped a feel that was beyond vulgar.  My eyes widened in shock.  The three girls who witnessed it reacted in kind.  I was stunned.  And then I got pissed off.  I marched to his office, gave him a piece of my mind and you know what he did?  He told me to get the FUCK out of his office.  I told him “THIS ISNT OVER.”

I immediately went to the managing partner who was a bishop in the Mormon church and who I just happened to work for briefly.  I told him what had happened.  This was in 1980, before there were serious laws on the books so nothing happened to said asshole, OF COURSE, but he did receive a serious dressing down and I think for half a minute was afraid he might actually lose his job.  ASSHOLE.

There are plenty of other stories I could share and I’m sure lots of you reading this could share multiple stories of your own.  This is why I view O’Reilly’s dismissal as a real victory.  Of course hell cry “witch hunt” … amazing how these guys NEVER take responsibility for their despicable behavior.  Our own president brags about grabbing pussy and the people still voted him into office.  Thats one Ill never understand.

So Bill … I wish you ROTS OF RUCK you dick, and I hope you never, EVER work in television again.  And I hope your daughters are harassed by a perv such as yourself so you REALLY get what it means to be demeaned by a superior when you’re powerless. 

(I hate to say that, but unfortunately, I feel that is the only way someone like Bill O’Reilly could ever comprehend what it feels like when a man speaks to a female like she's nothing). 
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Really Bill?