Saturday, January 7, 2017


No one wants to perform.  One member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quit rather than sing at Trump's inauguration.  Said she couldn't live with herself if she didn't take a stand.  NOW the entire Mormon church is petitioning to get out of performing because Trump does not reflect their values.  KUDOS to them.

But what about Chachi?  Ted (the draft-dodger) Nugent?  Anthony Sabato, Jr.?  You know ... Trump's fans.  What about them?  How come they're not stepping forward in support of their boy?  I mean after all, according to Antonio, Trump is a Christian and that is the ONLY thing that matters.   

Here is what astounds me. Everything that Trump has said and tweeted, every nasty, racist, sexist rant, every lie he told promising to do for those poor souls who voted for him and who are so desperate for jobs, dignity, medical insurance, and plain old respect for their hard work is MEANINGLESS now that he is the president elect. That NO ONE calls him to task. That NO ONE tells him he shouldn't be tweeting immature rants to the current President, or tweeting praise upon Putin, every unintelligent pivot that comes out of his mouth or from his fingertips, NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING! It is astounding to me. And I cannot believe he is going to take the highest office in the land in just a few days. I feel as though we're on the brink of disaster. I really do. And it's not because he's a Republican and it's not because Hillary didn't win ... it's because he is so fucking uninformed. He doesn't care. Not about being president, not for all those trusting voters who will be looking to him to lead. He doesn't care about any of it. And THAT is what really scares me. America is now like a rudderless ship with a mad-man at the helm who no one can reach because he won't listen to ANYONE. God help us. 

I'm starting to wonder if it's a conspiracy between Russia, the Republicans, the Illuminati, Scientologists, and the Wizard of Oz to take over the world.  Never in my life have I witnessed a president elect act like a 12 year-old and NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING.  His own party can't reign him in.  He listens to no one.  He's like that kid on the Twilight Zone who will wish you into the cornfield if you don't go along with him.

This is beyond being a sore loser.  I have disliked presidents before but THIS IS DIFFERENT.  Trump has a real personality disorder.  He's mentally ill.  He is a narcissist who is suffering from delusions of grandeur.  He's like Hitler!  YES. I SAID IT.  Or Mussolini.  People are not taking his crazy behavior seriously because it is so immature.  Like a petulant child.  He's too childish to take serious .... he's harmless specifically because he is so stupid.  DON'T BE FOOLED.  Once this guy is in power there's no going back.

NOW he's asked Congress to pay for THE WALL.  Which REALLY means that WE ... the taxpayers ... are going to pay for the stupid wall.  Yeah.  I knew this all along.  I told Danny, 'you know who is going to pay for that wall don't you?But what really kills me is that Trump thinks he's going to get Mexico to REIMBURSE US .... 

All I can say is it will be very interesting to see how all this pans out.  Will he do his four years or be impeached?  I think the real secret behind Trump lies in his tax returns (which we will NEVER see) .... THAT is where we would find out all we need to know about this guy.  But Trump does what Trump wants and that isn't going to happen.  Here are a few other things that will never happen:

1.  He will never have a press conference.
2.  He will not stop tweeting.
3.  He will not live in the White House full-time.
4.  Melania will not be the First Lady, Ivanka will.
5.  His State of the Union addresses will be delivered via Tweet, not televised.

I, for one, am going to fight him on everything.  I will call my representatives.  I will write letters.  I will stay informed and I WILL PAY ATTENTION.  This guy needs to be watched like a hawk and we cannot let him get away with anything.