Friday, September 30, 2016


In light of all your female bashing, misogynistic, hateful, fat-shaming, lying negativity I am writing to inform you of all of YOUR flaws. 

So let's start with your "Is He Fuckable" score.  On a scale from 1 to 10 ... you're a one.

1.  You're fat. 

     a.  See photo above.  As you accused Alicia Machado, it appears
          that someone loves to eat.  It also appears that someone
          needs to exercise.  Why don't we call a press conference and
          have the world watch you do push-ups!  Yeah.  It will give you
          motivation and incentive to lose those extra 90 lbs. 

2.  You're orange.  Orange is not a tan.  Orange is orange. 

3.  You hair is stupid.  Either shave that thing and get some plugs but for
     the love of GOD stop with the comb over.  You're bald.  Accept it. 
4.  You're draft-dodger.  A pussy.  Yellow.  A coward.  A man with no nuts.

This does not constitute, nor does it suffice as "serving your country."  It's called Military SCHOOL.  NOT serving in the Military.

5.  As to your lying accusation that Alicia Machado has made a sex tape ... here we have your THIRD wife ... (there were plenty of other nastier pictures to choose from but I chose to be kind) ...

When you divorce Melania (because you will), you need to give her a LARGE LARGE settlement.  I'd say more than half of your fortune.  Imagine if you will ... you are her.  How would you feel if you had to blow YOU for the last 20 years?  I'd say that is money well earned.  

6.  You do not belong in the 21st Century ... You Donald ... are a Neanderthal.  
     In the worlds of Lisa Lampanelli ... thank God you have money because if 

     you were born broke you'd be fucking her.

Thank you.

Friday, September 23, 2016

RANT ...

p.s.  If either one of these videos doesn't play, go to Youtube.  It is worth watching!

WELLS FARGO … these bastards did this to me!  They opened a checking account without my knowledge or permission!  I signed NOTHING and all of a sudden I began receiving monthly statements with a $10 service charge!  EVERY MONTH for a checking account I never opened.  I was able to get them to cancel it and refund me the service charges after about five or six months of writing letters and finally had to drop the name of the big fancy law firm I worked for and threaten litigation in order for them to take care of it.  

This asshole right here

NOW, John Stumpf, the CEO of Wells Fargo has been tarred and feathered by Elizabeth Warren for firing hundreds of lower level staff for opening these accounts when you all know goddam well it was the Big Shots who were telling the drones to do exactly that. Welcome to Corporate America.  This is how it works. Big shots screw their customers and when they get caught they fire their low level employees for doing exactly what they MADE their low life staff do FOR THEM in the first place, whether ethical or not.  ASSHOLES.  I swear I hate people.  MAN IF I WERE GOD THERE'D BE A LOT OF PEOPLE ON THEIR WAY TO HELL RIGHT NOW.  BUT I take comfort in this thought ... Wells Fargo is going to be on the receiving end of ONE GIGANTIC CLASS ACTION WRONGFUL TERMINATION LAW SUIT and I hope all those poor people who were fired receive seven figure settlements.  YES.  SEVEN FIGURES. 

NEXT ...

THE KAEPERNICK CONTROVERSY – Well, I basically started World War III on Facebook by posting video of the Oklahoma man getting shot by the police lady with the comment:  THIS is what Kaepernick is protesting" and all Hell broke loose. 

All my friends (who don't necessarily all know each other) started fighting!  I felt TERRIBLE.  But I have to say that in reading everyone's comments what became very clear was that NO ONE was really listening (or attempting to understand anyone's point of view)  which is pretty typical.  Everyone wants to be right.  That is human.  I get it.  But when you want to be right, you also do not take in the information in a thoughtful way.  You know ... really THINKING about the opposing viewpoint.  Like I really do wonder how ANYONE can vote for Donald Trump.  Know what I mean?  And I have friends who I LOVE and who are exceptional people who are voting for him and I am just dumbfounded and very curious as to how they came to the conclusion that he is a good presidential candidate.  And I'm fairly certain they think I'm crazy for voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, or whoever.  But I really believe (so corny I know) but I do believe that if people really TRIED to understand each other we would "GET" each other better.  

I can tell you one thing ... I sure miss Walter Cronkite.  No bias, JUST THE NEWS.  And he was the most trusted man in America.  Can you say that about any of today's newscasters? 

If you watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, they are all slanted, it's true.  If Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trumps mouthpiece, is on MSNBC and Don Lemon is questioning her about some of Trump's incendiary comments or his lack of a plan she will immediately turn it around and start accusing Hillary of all her wrongs, and vice-versa.  You cannot get a straight answer to ANYTHING. 

SO, back to Kaepernick.  My feeling is this: 

Until you have lived in the skin of a black person you cannot EVER understand the reality of living with racial profiling, being afraid your son might be shot by the police, getting followed around a department store because some sales person thinks you’re going to rip them off.  If the flag represents America and America stands for LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL then it should be Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.

But, when you live in a dumbed-down society where people don't read, you will have groups like "the Deplorables" who are CERTAIN that Obama is going to take your guns away and that Trump really is going to make America great again based on what someone said on FOX.  *sigh*

NEXT ...

DONALD FUCKING TRUMP … Debate Monday.  CAN'T WAIT.  I think it is going to EPIC and go down in one of two ways.  (1) Hillary will hand Donald a new asshole; or (2) it will be a slugfest of personal insults and no substantive debate. 

If it in fact, turns into a slugfest, I can guarantee you it WILL be Donald's fault.  he will take the debate off the rails and then there is nowhere else to go but down.  For Hillary, it will be akin to trying to have a substantive conversation with a gnat. 


Thank you.

Friday, September 16, 2016


SO I have seriously had it with Donald Trump.  EVERY DAY TWENTY FOUR SEVEN TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!  He is ruining my life!  It's as though I am existing in some strange version of Hell that I must endure this vile ignoramus on a never ending stream of news, T.V. and radio.  AND ANOTHER THING … WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD does no one call him out!?  He just blathers his horrible, hateful comments like diarrhea of the mouth and NO ONE, not one rational thinking human being calls him out on his bullshit or confronts him.  Well, actually they kind of do but Trump just mows them over with more bullshit.  

And NOW, after years, he has finally admitted (albeit reluctantly) that Obama was born in the United States.  Gee ... how fucking magnanimous of you.  After hounding the man to release his birth certificate and telling the world he had "people" in Hawaii investigating the issue and what they were finding was "very interesting" ... THEN never EVER provided the "interesting" material BECAUSE THERE WAS NONE.  

THEN, instead of providing his medical records to the public or whoever, he instead goes on the Dr. Oz show (eyes rolling) to talk about his fantastic health.  Although he actually admitted he is on Lipitor (because he has high cholesterol because he eats nothing but junk food and is a BIG FAT PIG).

THEN, he continues to refuse to submit his taxes.  

He has no plan.  None.  He's just going to wing it.  Once he's president, he'll surround himself with the best YES men he can find and THEY can run the country.

OH!  THEN he also had this to say about Ivanka’s interview with Cosmopolitan magazine:
Donald Trump Calls Reporter Who Grilled Ivanka ‘Non-Intelligent’

(though he admits he didn't read the interview but he heard about it and the interviewer "attacked Ivanka viciously."  GAWD.  

Dear Donald,

Ivanka was NOT attacked "viciously."  I can guarantee you that your daughter has NEVER been attacked viciously by ANYONE because she is Ivanka Trump.  No one has ever told her "you're fired!", no one has ever made her get them their lunch, no one has ever sexually harassed her because YOU'RE her daddy, no one has ever said NO to her. Ivanka doesn't know what it is like to live in the real world. Everyday, average Americans take SH*T from their bosses, put up with rude sales people, you know ... the kind of people who kiss your ass, they deal with horrible commutes, frustrations and stresses of life that you nor Ivanka could ever imagine. So from me to you, tell Ivanka to grow a spine. It's a tough world out here ... and Ivanka doesn't have the backbone to survive it.  Neither do your douchie sons.  

Thank you.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

TRUMP (... who else)

I am so, SO, SO TIRED of this asshole.  He's on T.V. 24/7.  He