Friday, February 16, 2018


So here’s the thing.  Until a crazed gunman shoots up Trump Tower, or the NRA’s headquarters, etc., et al. NOTHING will ever be done about gun control.  The NRA is just too powerful. 


The senseless death of little children, teenagers, college kids, worshipers at mosques/churches/synagogues and partiers at nightclubs or concerts are nothing more than collateral damage to this super powerful gun lobby.  I dont understand it.  No one with a heart or a mind that processes thoughts and is able to FEEL empathy can understand it either. 


There are whole bodies of people, organizations, political forces that lack this understanding.  Logical thought / emotional empathy.  It is how they are able to move about in the world and make the decisions they make and institute the laws that serve their bottom line.  MONEY.


It’s all been said before.  However, look at these faces …


Kids whose lives were ripped away from them.  All of the beautiful possibilities that will never be realized because they’re DEAD. They aren’t coming back.  EVER.  Their loved ones will never be the same.  There will always be an empty chair at dinner or special occasions.  There will always be the pain of “what if” … parents who will never see their son or daughter married, or be grandparents.  It’s all too heartbreaking to imagine. 


But thanks.  Your “thoughts and prayers” mean so much to us …


Does anyone else find this disturbing?

The NRA needs to own up.  And every politician who takes money from them need to own up.  You are all GUILTY of murder by association.  You can cite the second amendment until you’re blue in the face.  A gun does not fire itself.  And NO …. A good guy with a gun is not going to save an entire school from an insane guy with an AR-15. 


In watching some of the coverage I was really impressed with the students who spoke out against the NRA and the government’s lack of initiative in doing anything to prevent shootings like this.  And I do believe that this particular shooting is going to be the one that changes things.  Like the Harvey Weinstein scandal … a REAL movement is going to take place and citizens are going to demand action. 


So get ready GOP.  You’ve got a lot to answer for.  And the votes you don’t get will show you just how much.