Thursday, October 5, 2017


Not only has work been very stressful and causing me tons of anxiety, but Trump just basically fucks up my life.  I live in a constant state of malaise.  

Danny woke me up at 5 am to tell me about the shooting in Las Vegas and I literally felt all the energy seeping out of my body.  Of course I couldn't go back to sleep after that and when I finally did get out of bed and turn on the news, there it was ... MASSIVE SHOOTING IN LAS VEGAS.  I actually know someone who was there.  My cousin and his daughter.  A marine literally threw himself on top of them and saved their lives. 

But it messed with my head.  Fifty-nine people died because they went to a concert.  AND STILL the Republicans refuse to talk about gun control.  WHAT IS IT that makes them so fucking stubborn and obstinate?!  Perhaps its because the NRA gives them buhzillions of dollars to look the other way?  You can't tell me that these men do not have the intelligence to KNOW that gun control is a serious SERIOUS issue and that if automatic weapons were banned these types of crimes might not happen?  But then again, mind reading is not an option and we cannot foretell who is going to lose their mind and purchase an arsenal to kill as many people as possible.  After all, the Las Vegas shooter was a RICH, middle aged, white guy.  Not a Muslim.  Not an illegal alien from south of the border, but a rich, white guy.  SMH.  Are we soon going to be relegated to staying indoors 24/7? 

Then we have the Orange One pontificating about what a great job he's done in Puerto Rico when we all know he's done NOTHING for Puerto Rico and those people have been living without electricity, water, and food since September 26!  Oh, I forgot.  He did throw some paper towels around, but that's about it.  And by the way, does Melania Trump EVER speak?  She's like a freaking statue.  

Then Tillerson calls Trump a moron (which he is) and then he walks it back and says something about how he respects the president, but he's still a moron and
the President publicly dismissed the report as "fake news" and "totally made up."  The President said he had "total confidence" in Tillerson.  SO WHICH IS IT?!  DID HE SAY HE WAS A MORON OR NOT?!  IS TRUMP PISSED OFF ABOUT IT OR NOT?!  This is the shit the American people have to deal with.  Every.  Day.
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Those of you under 50 will never know that there was once a time when people had integrity, were serious and truthful.  A time when a "Donald Trump" would NEVER get even close to being president.  When a Donald Trump would be laughed out of the room.  It's tragic what this country has become.  Deeply tragic.

We also now know that Facebook was hacked by tons of Russian spies or operatives, or whatever, by placing fake profiles and spouting political rhetoric to piss people off and get all of us to fight on Facebook.  It worked.  We are being manipulated by Russians and American politicians.  Is it all part of a sinister plan to get us so confused and frustrated that the entire country just stops paying attention?  Could be.  Nothing would surprise me at this point. 

Do any of you feel like me?  Anxious all the time?  Sad?  Unsure about the future?  Powerless?  Isn't incredible that ONE MAN is capable of affecting the lives of so many?  Ruining our peace of mind?  

Only time will tell .... unfortunately this story isn't over.  It could get worse before it gets worse.  *sigh*