Friday, September 16, 2016


SO I have seriously had it with Donald Trump.  EVERY DAY TWENTY FOUR SEVEN TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!!!  He is ruining my life!  It's as though I am existing in some strange version of Hell that I must endure this vile ignoramus on a never ending stream of news, T.V. and radio.  AND ANOTHER THING … WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD does no one call him out!?  He just blathers his horrible, hateful comments like diarrhea of the mouth and NO ONE, not one rational thinking human being calls him out on his bullshit or confronts him.  Well, actually they kind of do but Trump just mows them over with more bullshit.  

And NOW, after years, he has finally admitted (albeit reluctantly) that Obama was born in the United States.  Gee ... how fucking magnanimous of you.  After hounding the man to release his birth certificate and telling the world he had "people" in Hawaii investigating the issue and what they were finding was "very interesting" ... THEN never EVER provided the "interesting" material BECAUSE THERE WAS NONE.  

THEN, instead of providing his medical records to the public or whoever, he instead goes on the Dr. Oz show (eyes rolling) to talk about his fantastic health.  Although he actually admitted he is on Lipitor (because he has high cholesterol because he eats nothing but junk food and is a BIG FAT PIG).

THEN, he continues to refuse to submit his taxes.  

He has no plan.  None.  He's just going to wing it.  Once he's president, he'll surround himself with the best YES men he can find and THEY can run the country.

OH!  THEN he also had this to say about Ivanka’s interview with Cosmopolitan magazine:
Donald Trump Calls Reporter Who Grilled Ivanka ‘Non-Intelligent’

(though he admits he didn't read the interview but he heard about it and the interviewer "attacked Ivanka viciously."  GAWD.  

Dear Donald,

Ivanka was NOT attacked "viciously."  I can guarantee you that your daughter has NEVER been attacked viciously by ANYONE because she is Ivanka Trump.  No one has ever told her "you're fired!", no one has ever made her get them their lunch, no one has ever sexually harassed her because YOU'RE her daddy, no one has ever said NO to her. Ivanka doesn't know what it is like to live in the real world. Everyday, average Americans take SH*T from their bosses, put up with rude sales people, you know ... the kind of people who kiss your ass, they deal with horrible commutes, frustrations and stresses of life that you nor Ivanka could ever imagine. So from me to you, tell Ivanka to grow a spine. It's a tough world out here ... and Ivanka doesn't have the backbone to survive it.  Neither do your douchie sons.  

Thank you.


  1. Deb--once again, you have outdone yourself. We can't believe how this virulent buffoon hasn't been called out either. I think that he's just enjoying his own reality show, and has no intention of being POTUS. At least, that is my fervent hope. I loved this piece. It evokes, with such passion and every fibre of your being, what everyone who has a brain thinks about this malignant narcissist.

    1. I tell you Eenie, it is incredible. Yes, there are the Deplorables, but there are also seemingly intelligent people VOTING FOR THIS GUY. I don't know what has become of this country.

  2. He and his family are SUCH victims. They lie cheat steal lie lie lie and get called out for it and play the victim card.
    I loathe the entire Klan of Rumps.

    1. And the sad thing is that the Deplorables refuse to see it. He is a lying con artist on a colossal scale. He just may win and that freaks me the hell out.