Monday, March 13, 2017


I have reached my limit.  The point of no return.  I can no longer engage in the vitriol and hatred going back and forth regarding Trump.  No more engaging on FB, no more reading newspapers or online periodicals and websites and trying to make my feelings known in a thoughtful intelligent way.  The hate I get back is unbelievable. 

When I state my opinions I do not get ugly.  I really try to state my comments with facts and respect but that doesn't work.  I inevitably get a whole slew of disgusting, insulting responses.  It is unbelievable to me what people will say in response to my comments.

More unbelievable is how these same folks talk about the Obamas.  Especially Michelle.  Words cannot convey the ugliness. You’d have to jump onto some of these websites (Breitbart for example) and read some of the comments.  The Obamas are referred to as apes, baboons, and other disgusting epithets, which I have to admit deeply shocks me.  And I wonder to myself WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  A great portion of them state that they are Christians!  And perhaps an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence should be a question mark, but a question mark isn't strong enough.  I am mystified that Godly people do not see what I see.  I ask myself ... how can this be?  I too, am a Christian.  I'm not a saint.  But I am a Christian, well-versed enough with scripture to know that I cannot find one quote, not one sentence in the entire bible that says it is OK for Trump to behave the way he is behaving.  What he says, what he does, how he lies.  This is not how a "leader" leads.  And yet the Christians will find some line or two to throw at you, usually their go-to favorite about "casting the first stone" to make you feel as though you don't know what you're talking about when you absolutely do. 

Below are various responses to comments I made about Jorge Ramos and Michele Obama.  I commented on how rude it was when Trump threw Jorge Ramos out of a press conference, and the other comments were my defending Michelle Obama from blatantly racist and ugly remarks.  I wish I could order all of them but I think you’ll get the gist. 

My comments are in red.  And they are angry and what I wished I’d said, but because I’m afraid one of these right wing crazies will find me and assassinate me, I didn’t.


Couple of things. First of all, Mrs. Trump speaks five languages, which did not stop Democrats from denigrating her and a NYTimes reporter (who happens to be Carl Bernstein's son) from calling her a prostitute. As for speaking multiple languages, the most important thing is to be literate in at least one language. Many Hispanic children in the United States, including many that were born here, are illiterate in both Spanish and English.

Note:  We hardly ever hear Melania speak because she doesn't speak English very well nor does she understand American slang.  We have also seen her naked with another chick in a lesbian sex pose.  I just read today that the Trump kids refer to her as "the Portrait" because she never talks.  The commenter states that Hispanic children in US, including those born here, are illiterate in both Spanish and English.  I wonder where said commenter (who goes by the name joinamerica) is from?  Texas?  Mississippi?  Maybe even California.  Who the hell knows.  It's all irrelevant.  What he said is ignorant.


1. Then LA RAZA needs to find another name.
2. His light eyes/complexion no doubt play a role in his fierce insistence on defending Latino/Hispanic border-jumpers, MOST of whom ARE dark... He is speaking about Jorge Ramos having green eyes and looking white and this is why he defends illegals.  Out of some misguided shame because he was blessed to look white and he doesn't have dark skin thereby making him guilty of being a Mexican with light skin.  Jorge Ramos is a respected journalist and had a right to be in that press conference and Trump humiliated him by having him tossed out.  
3. This is known as the 'High Yellow Syndrome' in some circles, where a fairer black person will act as spokesman/rebel/anarchist against "WHITEY" in order to PROVE himself or herself to his/her darker compatriots. We've just gone through about 8 years of such BS, if you get the drift.  (Love this moron who speaks with such authority and knowledge on the subject matter of light vs. dark skin except that "The High Yellow Syndrome" pertains to Black people not Hispanics.  Keep your racism the right lane. Holy crap.)  NEXT ...

Max (below) is a real hater.

Max Miller

Moocher Obama is low class, low brow product of millions of taxpayer dollars. She was a Jesse hire and an Political payoff Puppet... (Moocher Obama refers to Michelle Obama.  She also a graduated from Harvard Law School and did her undergrad at Princeton.  I wonder where Max went to school?)

Max Miller

You're a moron, as most people know that other people spell sux like that are doing so to avoid filter hardware.  (This was in defense of his spelling sucks as "sux")

Max Miller

Well, he was only off by 50 years, as are you, stupid puta. You obviously think that Latinos will ever embrace the idea of Madre Meeheeko even though thousands of them are not from there... At some point the mother country will become a source of shame and divorce. (He calls me you stupid puta which is a very derogatory word.  He's basically calling me a whore.  The rest of his comment makes no sense, I have no idea what he is talking about with "the mother country becoming a source of shame and divorce."  I guess he's trying to sound deep.)

Steve from Ohio

Moochwell Obama naked? You mean big Mike naked? Yikes! It needs a shave...too much 5 o'clock shadow. (Again, another reference to Michelle Obama)
Joan Rivers was right. BTW...don't forget to turn your clock ahead 1 hour if you are in an area that the government thinks it has the power to tell the sun what to do.

Again, the disrespect and hatred of Michelle Obama is really beyond the pale.  And the remark about the time and where I live makes no sense. 


Lol. Do you honestly not know?
Look it up yourself, not worth waste of breath with your stupidity. Go back in your crib (I have no idea what this one was referring to)


Extremely rude? President Trump kicked out a RACIST anti-American subversive communist Mexican out of the room acting as if he's the hero of Mehicoh instead of being on OUR side. Whoreheyy GOT what he deserved.  (Jorge Ramos is an American citizen.  I'm sure this would make Latino RoyBatty BATTY.)

No one is brainwashing me, or us. If you like Jorge that already says something about YOU. I have seen with MY OWN EYES, living amongst Mexicans how incredibly anti-American they are, how they consider ALL others in the USA as "invaders" how they support racist cleansing of Black Americans, engage in cultural suppression of other Latino ethnicities they hate, etc.. etc. etc. (Mhmmm, they do all this while selling oranges at freeway entrances???)

There is no brainwashing when it comes to seeing things you people would not believe... not one bit of brainwashing. If anything Mexicans brainwash their people to HATE the USA and smile in their faces. Period.  (A true intellectual.)

KilltheBank (NOTE: I was unable to post his picture but he is holding an assault rifle)  He also has no spell check nor grammar skills.  To be fair, he was probably pissed off and typing like a mother fucker causing him to make a ton of mistakes. 

A clear difference any objective person can see: moo shill DESERVED the scorn because she is reprehensible and hateful. (Moo Shill = Michelle Obama)
She is low class and thats a fact.
The First Lady we have now is well above that. I have heard of bit not looked at the pics.
I couldnt care less.  (He’d care if naked Melania were a democrat)
Id much rather have someone hot enough to make you bores jealous instead of that rutting boar haunting the halls of the capital. ("Rutting boar hunting the halls of the capital" ...  he is referring to Michelle Obama).
ALL shade thrown her way is ENVY.
Madonna and chelsea handler WISH they were Mrs Trump and its so hilari ous to watch them back flipping to maintain an air of relevence in a two foot radius of themselves.
No one else is buying your pipe dream. No impeacent to save your fresh salty snowfall.
In 8 long years chelsea handler and madonna will be firmlyon the where are they now trip, just like your 60's White guilt mania. (P.S. Motherfucker, I'm not white and Melania Trump is a HO).


If you don't like BB and the commenters here, you can LEAVE, just like the ranting/raving ILLEGALS can (and WILL) leave. There is no brainwashing going on, except by Leftists and champions of LA RAZA, illegal alien sponsors (as if this idiot is not brainwashed by the extreme Alt-Right media.)
There you have it.  And these aren’t even the worst of the worst.  It’s ridiculous for me to engage with idiots who clearly have no real educational background or ability to articulate their opinions without using the words "fuck" "leave" "troll" "puta."  And there are so many of them.  And they honestly scare me.  I really am afraid someone will find me and do me harm!  So I’m done and I’m sad and my heart is broken.

No more trying to intelligently convey my opinions.  No more trying to understand the other side.  I could never understand THAT particular brand of hate.  But here is the really scary part of my decision to disengage and I wonder ... is that the point?  Getting reasoned people to just bow out?  Give up?  Stop fighting?  Stop caring?  Just allow Trump and his cabinet to do whatever the hell they want to do because how much power do I have?

I am just a little person.  Ready to retire in a few years.  Should I just give up and wait until I can live in my little bungalow away from the big city where hopefully I can find peace of mind?  *SIGH*

I'm sure some of you have lost friends and family over this political war.  Please share some of your thoughts and feelings with me.  I would really appreciate it.

And FYI I have no intention of giving up.  I will continue to write and march.  But I have to get a handle on responding to asinine comments from an asinine individuals.


  1. GOD bless you, Debbie! Are these incredibly vicious comments coming from your blog posts??? I can't even imagine!

  2. Deb, first of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your fairmindedness and passionate attempts to engage with all of us about this appalling creature who is leading your nation. I do not want to have to see all of the hateful, disgraceful, insulting and ignorant comments that come at you either. You are wise to "give up" trying to "understand" the Trump supporters, or trying to reason with them. They do not want to engage this way. They have made up their minds to love him, no matter what he does, and to give him carte blanche regarding his behavior. Anyone who questions or opposes support for Trump is called a Leftie, Communist, Snowflake, and other remarks that range from dismissive and ignorant to the most base and vile name calling, which is what people do when they do not know how to offer constructive commentary . Yours is not a country that wants intellectual debate or dialogue at this point in time. On behalf of Canada, we are saddened for you. We are not laughing at you, as Europe and other nations are. We are genuinely terrified for you, and for us as well. Keep up the good fight, but in other ways. Continue to be as active and aggressive as possible, but only with like-minded people. Resist, sign petitions, keep informed. If only our country could help you, we would. Here, it is safe to collectively express our utter disdain for his dangerous mental health status, incompetence, and sheer lack of respect for anyone other than himself. His objective is to feed his narcissistic supply, and obsession with obliterating immigrants from places other than Eastern Europe. He lacks the empathy gene and the embarrassment gene, and that is due to his clinical (yet not formally) issue of being a narcissistic personality disorder, on the malignant end of the continuum. It is just another reality show for him.

  3. I do not know why it says "Reply Delete" under my comments....??

    1. It says that under everyone's comments. For instance, I am going to delete "the woman hating boy" right now :)

  4. Idiots, the lot of them who have no idea what they voted for or what they'll end up losing while Hair Furor's rich friends get richer.
    You cannot argue with stupid because they sink to name-calling and illiteracy.