Thursday, January 28, 2016


So, I watched the debate because I wanted the FOX ratings to be as high as possible.  AND, it was the first Republican debate that was substantive and informative.  They're still all wacko but the debate was CIVILIZED.  No name calling, no insults.  Thank you Mr. Trump for picking up your toys and going home.  I can't wait for tomorrow when everyone is talking about how nice the debate was WITHOUT you.  I think you seriously miscalculated.    

Instead of attending the debate he threw together an event for veterans (of which Donald Trump is not one because he dodged the draft during Vietnam and received deferment after deferment fucking coward).

I found it extremely disingenuous that he was commending the vets and soldiers for what they do for our country all the while KNOWING that he dodged the draft.  How can he pander to them like that?  It's not only embarrassing, but shameful.  I don't know how any of those veterans can take him seriously let alone have any respect for him.  

Time will tell how The Donald fares as this race continues.  Hopefully he will fade away and go back to the world of business and screwing those folks instead of possibly screwing the country.

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  1. What i like is that one of the wets groups he said he'd be giving money to declined his offer to be part of, as they said, "a political game."