Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I feel extraordinarily sad today.  A man, a strange orange man who had a reality TV show has been voted into the office of the presidency.  A reality star.  A man whose words are disgusting, vile, shameless, unintelligent, disrespectful, racist, misogynistic.  A man whose business practices are unethical.  Who is an adulterer and a sexual predator.  A man who many evangelicals voted for.  Good Christian people ... which I cannot understand.  It appears that America has spoken and they want a misogynistic, racist with no real plan for the country to be president and the leader of the free world. Incredible.  

It is now 1:00 pm and I still cannot process this.  My heart is heavy.  I feel disappointment, sadness that so many Americans are so angry that the only way to send a message to Washington was to vote for a despicable man.  A man who finally gives them the permission to say and act out loud their most deeply held prejudices.  Mexicans - LEAVE!  Muslims - LEAVE!  Build a wall, don't let anyone in, get out!  HATE HATE HATE.  It's shameful.  It's un-American.  It's heartbreaking.

But I guess it isn't that hard to understand when you consider that America has become one big reality TV show and the uninformed Trump supporters, who love a cage fight, voted for their favorite cage fighter ... Donald Trump.  He fights like they do, thinks like they do, talks like they do, and communicates like they do.  With ugly words backed up by no facts.  Just rancor and vitriol.  When did people stop thinking?  When did Christians forget the truths they were raised on?  There was a time when a good, honest person could not overlook the glaring unethical character of a man like Trump.  And now they've just voted him into the presidency because they hate Hillary Clinton so much.  Well ... now he's the president. 

And I understand the voters wanted to send a message.  I really do.  That is why I voted for Bernie Sanders.  But this message?  A man who openly degrades and objectifies women?  Who would not rent to African-Americans?  Who dodged the draft at a time of war and cheated his employees and business vendors?  THIS is who you want to run the country?

But you know what?  I feel no rancor or contempt.  I really don't.  I feel no compulsion to go off on one of my usual "rants" because I am just so damn sad. Sad over the whole thing.  The entire election and politics in general.  The name calling, the lack of civility and graciousness.  There is a huge divide in this country and it's something we have not seen in decades.  Real ugliness.  And I feel shame.  Shame that this is what we've become.  Instead of common goals for the good of the country and her citizens, we are miles apart in ideology and beliefs.  Capitalism and greed vs. The Will of the People.  The Little People.  Perhaps if we were invaded by aliens from another planet the world would come together ... short of that, capitalism won.  Big business won.  Big Pharma won.  And so on.  The worker, the middle class, those of us that basically do all the work and pay all the taxes lost yesterday.  And we lost BIG. 

The ideals of America that we once believed in, the dream of a future with possibility, owning a home, getting a good education, raising our children in a safe environment was once possible for everyone ... it really did exist at one time.  But it hasn't existed now for many decades and the divide just grows wider and wider still.  I don't know what Trump will do for the country.  I can only hope he does some good.  But I am really fearful of what he might do in the event of a catastrophic event like 9/11.

And unlike most "Christian Evangelicals," this Catholic woman does not believe that God cares who I vote for.  I think God cares who WE are as individuals.  How we love others.  How we treat others.  How we forgive others.  And as far as Evangelicals go, my judgment, yes my judgment, is that a lot of these folks are so blinded by their hatred toward Hillary Clinton they would have cast a vote for Satan if he were running against Hillary and feel perfectly justified and vindicated in doing so because they really believe that God is on THEIR side and that God sent Donald Trump to redeem America.  And this makes me sadder still.  Good people willing to overlook a character like Donald Trump and all his horrible deeds and words.  It is hypocrisy on a colossal level.  But again, it is what it is. 

So, with all that said, I will go to bed tonight and hopefully sleep well.  And I will get up tomorrow morning and get myself to work, put in my 8 hours, catch my bus home, do my marketing, my laundry, celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, wait for the birth of my next grandchild, pray for my family, and live to the best of my ability with my God and my neighbor and try to grow in love and grace.  As flawed as I am, I really do try to live my life with a clean heart. 

God bless all you who come to visit and read my blog.  I hope you have work, shelter, family, friends and love in your life.  Because in the end, that is ALL that really matters.



  1. I was angry all day yesterday, and my darling high school kids were disappointed, angry, one girl in class was crying; I am actually relieved to some degree this morning as I read the news that demonstrators took to the streets yesterday. Oh Deb, what is happening?

    1. I don't know what is happening Anita. I still feel so downhearted and sad.

  2. I am angry; not mad, but angry. And so i will mobilize and I will demand change.
    Donald ____ is our president but with any luck he will be a one-term footnote.

  3. It's horrible. I still can't believe it.
    P.S. How is your dad doing?

  4. Liberals aren't going ANYWHERE Toots! We are gonna laugh our asses off at Duh-nald Dump Pussydent of the United States of America and ALL his supporters these next 4 years....BAHAHAHAHhahaah!!! It's going to be fun watching you all realize that he has never helped any working middle class American EVER and this OLD DOG ain't gonna start anything new at 70 years old. The Trump family is still gonna get their steel from China not American steel. You just lapped up all the crap Trump was spewing to you like he was the Piped Piper riding into town and you all fell in line just like all us Progressive Liberals knew you would. Be sure to spread 'em WIDE OPEN for his little hands to tickle you...COOCHIE COO!!! BAHAHahahahahh!!!!!! At least most Trump protesters are pretty peaceful (yes, there are always a small few protesters that will get out of hand and some do vandalize stuff, but the majority are peaceful), but there's no one with guns shouting that people need to unite to assassinate someone...I am sure if Hillary would have won, the right wingers would have called to arms (yep I have heard Trump supporters during rallies actually say "assassinate that BI#CH" ) ....petty Archie "Bonkers" Nation y'all got goin' on over there. Hillary is not whining like a spoiled two year old toddler saying that the "Election was RIGGED" like your big ass baby Duh-nald Dump would have been. The world isn't looking down at Progressive Liberals, they are ALL looking down on Trump supporters!!! I get that Trump supporters wanted change, but you changed the wrong is not one person you need to worry about, it was the Republican Congress that has been letting you (no, re-phrase that all down! President Obama would have been able to create more good paying jobs during his 2 terms and improve on the Affordable Care Act had the Republicans not blocked everything he was trying to accomplish for the American Working Middle Class!!! You know if Republicans and Democrats made the Affordable Care Act really work....all Americans would be able to get health insurance...corporations would not have to worry about providing health insurance to all full time workers which is a hugh burden on companies, then companies would be able to hire a lot more people! You know Coal Miners are a good example for me to focus on as the "forgotten man/woman". If the year were 1816 or 1916 then yes Coal would be a vital job, but this is 2016 and the Coal workers deserve better pay and better working conditions! Working in a job where rocks can cave in on you during your shift is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Hillary and Democrats wanted to help with re-training (for example in solar power).....safer work, better wages, yep I think the Coal Miners are really the ones that are going to suffer here, which is such a dirty rotten shame!!! And you know, Trump has no experience in elected office....I guess 48% of the American people would hire a Walmart cashier to perform their brain surgery rather than an experienced brain surgeon??? No offense to Walmart cashiers...but if I need to buy toilet paper I know I can go to a Walmart and the cashier will be able to ring up my order just fine....I just wouldn't want that cashier to perform brain surgery on me or any of my family/friends because their job is WAY different than a seasoned brain surgeon that knows the standard procedures and does not have to learn on the job and will be able to handle any unforeseen complications that may occur during brain surgery. Oh well anyways, it has been a pleasure for us Progressive Liberals watching all you Trump supporters think you actually won something. Like Jim Jones followers in Jonestown, my advice to you is....... baby, don't drink the Trump Kool-Aide. BAHAhahahahahahahah!!! :))

  5. Debbie, why did you vote for Bernie. We need to talk. If you have two candidates where the race is going to be so close and one is likely to win, why would you vote for the one candidate who doesn't have a chance of winning or why write him in. I understand there are many people who want to make a point, but really. If you didn't want Donald to be your president, why not vote for Hillary. You help put Donald in the presidential seat. Oh well, let's see what crazy crap he'll pull now.

    1. I voted for Bernie in the primary. When Hillary won the nomination I voted for her.