Wednesday, April 19, 2017



As you all know, I LOVE it when hypocritical assholes fall on their faces.  Ive always thought Bill OReilly was an arrogant S.O.B.  I couldnt stand that permanent sneer on his mug, always condescending and pontificating his ridiculous viewpoints on his Fox soapbox.  Well Bill, the WOMEN have spoken and youre OUT!  You can join Roger Ailes and all the other “pussy” grabbing pervs , wherever pussy grabbing pervs go after they’ve been ousted from their lofty positions on FOX News. 
Can it really be that in 2017 WOMEN are finally being taken seriously when it comes to sexual harassment complaints in the workplace?  Lets pause for a minute shall we and see how this all came about.  If Gretchen Carlson had not sued Roger Ailes, none of this would be happening now.  Gretchen was a BIG MUCKY MUCK over at Fox and so was Roger Ailes.  She must have had some SERIOUS proof to substantiate her complaints because Fox cut that fat fuck loose in order to avoid public humiliation and damage to Fox News's reputation.  Sadly, had Gretchen Carlson been Susie the Receptionist, this more than likely would not have happened.  So there is proof that you must be someone "important" before receiving justice.  Hopefully, this too, will change.

Now that O’Reilly is out, another woman over at Fox, an administrative assistant, someone who is not an "important VIP," has also come forward with her own allegations.  See people … where there’s smoke, there's usually fire, and let’s not forget that Fox has already paid out approximately $13 million to several other women on the down low ... so a big hand to Gretchen Carlson for opening the door to exposing bad behavior and FINALLY allowing women to be taken seriously. 

Do you know how many times I could have sued any one of my bosses for sexual harassment over the years?  Lets just say if I had, I wouldnt be working today because ID BE RICH.  One of my earliest memories occurred when I was probably 21.  My boss, the owner of an ad agency bumped me on my backside when he opened a door to come into a space where I was.  He told me “wow … a few more inches that doorknob would have given you the thrill of your life.”  I was mortified.  Another time when I was in his office taking dictation, my contact lenses were bothering me and he asked me if “I could make love with those things in my eyes” … WHAT DO YOU SAY TO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?  You know how his comments made me feel?  They made ME feel dirty.  He just got off on this crap.  He could have put his hands on me if hed wanted to and Id have had no recourse whatsoever.  He was a gross pig who made me very uncomfortable and he was an older man who was married with two little kids.  I finally left that place and went to work at a big fancy law firm.  It happened there too.  An attorney who I had lunch with ONCE, never dated him, never had any physical contact with him EVER decided that ONE lunch constituted permission to grab my ass in front of three co-workers.  

It went down like this ... as I was speaking to the receptionist with two other secretaries in the firm lobby this asshole got off the elevator and copped a feel that was beyond vulgar.  My eyes widened in shock.  The three girls who witnessed it reacted in kind.  I was stunned.  And then I got pissed off.  I marched to his office, gave him a piece of my mind and you know what he did?  He told me to get the FUCK out of his office.  I told him “THIS ISNT OVER.”

I immediately went to the managing partner who was a bishop in the Mormon church and who I just happened to work for briefly.  I told him what had happened.  This was in 1980, before there were serious laws on the books so nothing happened to said asshole, OF COURSE, but he did receive a serious dressing down and I think for half a minute was afraid he might actually lose his job.  ASSHOLE.

There are plenty of other stories I could share and I’m sure lots of you reading this could share multiple stories of your own.  This is why I view O’Reilly’s dismissal as a real victory.  Of course hell cry “witch hunt” … amazing how these guys NEVER take responsibility for their despicable behavior.  Our own president brags about grabbing pussy and the people still voted him into office.  Thats one Ill never understand.

So Bill … I wish you ROTS OF RUCK you dick, and I hope you never, EVER work in television again.  And I hope your daughters are harassed by a perv such as yourself so you REALLY get what it means to be demeaned by a superior when you’re powerless. 

(I hate to say that, but unfortunately, I feel that is the only way someone like Bill O’Reilly could ever comprehend what it feels like when a man speaks to a female like she's nothing). 
Now for a little fun ....

Really Bill?


  1. So, in addition to being the home of rightwingnuts, panders, hypocrites, liars, and _____sucker,s FoxNews is also home to sexual predators.
    How long before Hannity falls?

    1. Hannity? Not soon enough. And that Tucker Carlson is a real tool as well.