Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I work for a woman (actually she’s a monster, and my supervisor, but not my direct boss THANK GOD), and she ALWAYS HAS TO BE RIGHT.  ALWAYS.

She sent me an email today that was very unclear and confusing.  So, I got onto Jabber (which is her claim to fame and for which she is certain that she is going to receive a big fat promotion for coercing getting all the secretaries to utilize this STUPID FUNCTION when we already have EMAIL to communicate, but I digress.  Anyway … she TOTALLY sent me this email by MISTAKE.  You see, SHE, the one who is always right, made a MISTAKE.  A boo-boo.  A fuck up.

So in my conversation with her on Jabber, I asked her what it is she needs me to do specifically with regard to her email.  Her tone changes.  She said she didn’t send me an email.  I said, well, I got an email from you with regard to calendaring something. 

She:  Well, I didn’t send it to you.  I sent it to Mr. Big.

Me:  Well, I’m looking at it right now.    

She:  But I didn’t send you an email.  Are you on Mr. Big's calendar?

Me:  Yes I am.  But whatever.  I just wanted to clarify what, exactly you needed me to do, but if you don’t need me to do anything, then never mind.

She:  Wait a minute. I’m going to come over there right now to see what you're talking about.  (She is coming to my desk because she is certain that it is I, who has done something incorrectly).

She shows up at my desk, where she sees, with her own eyes, that YES, she has in fact, EMAILED ME.  She can’t understand how that happened????  "Well, I don't have time for this right now" she says "I have to go to a meeting."  Then she storms away.  No explanation, no excuse, no "ownership" .... (I DON'T THINK THIS RESPONSE IS IN THE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK).

Apparently, she was not paying attention to detail (like she is constantly reminding me of not doing).   



  1. don't ya just wanna stab her in the back?

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  3. I would'a emailed a giant F U back to her.
    But then i might have been looking for a new job in the morning!