Tuesday, January 26, 2016


 ...and I quote:

“I can’t help thinking that, if I had been elected Vice-President, Bristol and Willow wouldn’t have gotten into that drunken brawl and Track wouldn’t have threatened his girlfriend and whatnot,” she said. “Thanks, Obama.”

Yeah Sarah.  It's all Obama's fault.  Let me school you a little.  You see Hon, there's this thing called a vote.  It's what people do when they chose who they want to be president.  And guess what?  THE PEOPLE DID NOT CHOOSE YOU.  So you see, it is not Mr. Obama's fault that you're not V.P.  It's the ENTIRE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Deal with it.   

Do you feel like I do?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Fed up?  Insulted?  Furious at these 'politicians' who say what they say, get away with what they do, and infect the Universe with their poison?

Trump says that he could shoot somebody and still not lose voters.  Let that sink in for a moment.  What he is really saying is that his supporters are so stupid that he literally could shoot someone in the street and these stupid people would still vote for him.  It is NOT a compliment.  He knows his supporters are dumb, and he knows that he is full of crap, but it doesn't matter to him because he can still count on a bunch of morons to continue to support him despite the fact that he has NO PLAN WHATSOEVER.  In fact, he's banking on it.  So all you loyal Trump supporters ... THAT is what Mr. Trump thinks of you.  

Back to Sarah.  After her ridiculous attempt to blame President Obama for her son Track's violent streak and arrest because of his PTSD, it now turns out that Track NEVER SAW ACTION.  (I find it very interesting how these right wingers love soldiers and warfare but most of them have never engaged in it ... aka DONALD TRUMP, DONALD RUMSEFLD, RUSH LIMBAUGH, GEORGE W., etc., etc., etc.)  ANYWHO Track Palin was a part of Alaska's 25th Infantry Division's 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team that served in Iraq for one year in 2008. While honorable, the time he spent in Iraq that Palin claims caused his PTSD was under the orders of then President George W. Bush, and not President Barack Obama.  And his service consisted of driving around Generals and VIPs. He never saw combat.  WOW.  WHAT A HERO.   

Since that time, Track Palin has been in numerous run-ins with the law, including a massive brawl at a house party in Anchorage, Alaska in 2014. No charges were filed, but CNN notes that Track attempted to start a fight with his father, Todd, and was described as being "heavily intoxicated" and "belligerent."  

Apparently, Track is quite the A**hole.  He still lives at home with his Mama Grizzly and rumor has it that after allegedly cutting the brakes on a school bus he was given the choice of the military or jail.  He chose the military and enlisted in 2007. 

Then you got the Bristol mop (aka Abstinance Queen) criticizing Ted Cruz for being mean to her mommie.  Bristol dear ... IT'S POLITICS.  Now, why don't you go feed the babies and let the adults talk. 

I'm done.


  1. What a horrid family. They're the Kardashians of politics.

  2. Brava! I have nothing to add .... except i call her Blister because she's like a boil on the ass of humanity.