Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Donald Trump has received the imprimatur from the Queen of the Republican party, Sarah Palin.  What does this mean exactly?  Well, to the Tea Party I guess they’re coming all over themselves with joy.  To me?  It’s more like The Blind leading the Blind, or Dumb and Dumber playing politics …. I know I know! … let’s Run for President! [insert happy face].

That the Tea Party and working class Republicans DO NOT get that this man Trump is pandering to them on a level that couldn’t be more obvious if he held up a sign that said “I AM PANDERING TO YOU” is beyond belief to me.  He holds up a bible, a book I can assure you he’s never read, and then misquotes scriptures to the crowd.  But amazingly, they’re willing to OVERLOOK this. 

And his numbers continue to surge … it’s remarkable.  

In another article I read today Melania Trump has chosen to stay out of the race.  This is obvious.  We have hardly seen her.  My guess is that she is so embarrassed by his bombastic behavior she’d rather not be around it in a public setting.  At home I’m sure it’s a different story.  She seems to be quite elegant and well-spoken however, how she can live with such an egomaniac is beyond me.  But then, I’ve never lived life as a bazillionaire so I guess that alone is motivation enough to make one get naked with The Donald.  Although personally, I’d have to have a trash can right next to the bed so I could vomit immediately afterward.  

Now there’s talk of Sarah Palin as possible V.P.  GOD HELP US.  As usual Trump is remaining mum on the subject until the world at large is on the verge of climax and THEN he’ll reveal his running mate.  Spare me Donald.  I really don’t care who you choose as a running mate.  You can pick Sarah Palin or Bart Simpson.  It’ll be all the same to me. 

Despite the sarcasm and humor of this post, despite the photograph of Sarah Palin as Wonder Woman and Bart Simpson flashing us his bum, it is frighteningly similar to what is actually happening and I wouldn't put it past the Republican party to steal these images on my blog and incorporate them into their campaign!  That is how serious and illogical and ridiculous the Republican party has become.


  1. Here's my take:
    On Twitter I called it ...
    "Half-term endorses Half-Wit."
    But I see it like this: [t]Rump is using Mama Grizzly Bore™ to court the evangelical fringe wingnuts and once that's done--because they aren't everywhere--he'll send her packing to that trailer park up north where she can sit on her porch and drink moonshine and watch Russia.

  2. Of course Melanoma Trump is staying out of the race. As long as Donald is out on the road, why wouldn't she want to stay home with the checkbook?